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Nipsey Hussle’s Marathon Store Makes Dent in Shipment Orders, 13,000 Items Left to Ship

The physical location of Nipsey Hussle‘s Marathon Clothing store might be closed, but its online leg has continued to thrive several months after the rapper’s death on March 31.

On Monday, representatives for the store issued a statement and said they’ve made a huge progress in getting out many of the back orders.

Hussle opened the Marathon Clothing store in the Hyde Park section of Los Angeles some years ago, and since his death legions of fans have honored him by making purchases. And all of the items reportedly sold out for the first time just a week after his passing.

There were also a number of celebrities who made purchases at the brick and mortar location before it closed.

T.I., for example, reportedly spent $10,000 during his visit. Plus, 2 Chainz also stopped by and encouraged those waiting for orders to be patient.

But now a lot of those people have already gotten their merchandise, and more shipments are on the way. Because reps for Marathon Clothing said they have 13,000 orders left to ship before they’re all caught up.

“Out team’s obligation to fulfill the hundreds of thousands of orders that had been placed is what gave us purpose,” read an Instagram message. “With heavy hearts our team banded together to get the orders shipped.”

The representatives also said they had to make a few changes after the massive number of orders came in, which contributed to the delay in shipment.

“With the extreme amount of orders placed, we had to quickly scale up production and find a much larger warehouse to ship product from. Materials needed for production were sold out and some items were taking 2 to 3 months to be ready.”

They also acknowledged that some people have been waiting for their order since April and thanked everyone for being so patient.

On top of that, the reps said they were grateful for people taking them from “tables in a parking lot to opening our own flagship store.”

Some who’ve recently received their orders left comments under the post.

“Just got my order last night!” one person wrote on Instagram. “My pieces are beautiful and I’m glad I was able to support you guys and be a part of that PUSH you all needed.”

“I waited since April 1st and just got my order a few days ago. It was worth it. #TMC 💙🏁🏁🏁.”

Hussle was shot and killed in front of the Marathon Clothing store, which afterward became a place people gathered and mourned.

In August the city placed a fence around the location, and soon afterward Hussle’s girlfriend Lauren London said it would be closed because a Hussle tower would be built to honor his life and legacy.

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