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A Nipsey Hussle Tower Is Being Built in His Honor at Site of His Former Store

When a construction crew erected a tall fence around the Los Angeles plaza where Nipsey Hussle‘s store The Marathon Clothing sits, the online questions began.

But people would soon get answers, first from the owner of the plaza, then from the mother of Hussle’s son Lauren London.

The Los Angeles-raised rapper was shot and killed in front of The Marathon Clothing store on March 31, and it’s been closed since early May. The location has become a mourning place for Hussle’s fans, as well as a tourist destination.

Hussle opened the store years ago, and now a tower that will honor him will be built there.

On Instagram the lot’s owner said the 8-foot high fence that was built on Thursday began the “early development stages of the forthcoming Nipsey Hussle Tower.” And City Council member Marqueece Harris-Dawson spoke about the project as well.

“The fence is part of a larger plan that got hatched a longtime ago so we see that as a continuation of that vision,” he explained, according to the Los Angeles Times.

London posted a message about the store on Friday and said it will remain closed, but items can still be purchased online.

“As a notice to the public, we’re putting up a gate on Thursday, August 1rst to enclose the plaza at 3420 W. Slauson Ave to start the early development stages of the forthcoming Nipsey Hussle Tower to commemorate and honor the life and legacy of Nipsey,” she posted. “The Marathon Store will remain closed, but you can shop online at”

In mid-July it was reported the LAPD launched a probe on the store for gang activity, and they were investigating the rapper as well.

The news came in stark contrast to the praise the LAPD gave Hussle after his death, who they said tried to decrease gang violence and did a lot of good in the community.

Shortly after news of the probe surfaced, the LAPD denied investigating Hussle, and said they were only watching the store itself to curb some of the alleged gang activity there.

The Marathon Clothing became overwhelmed with orders after Hussle’s death, and a lot of celebrities went there to buy plenty of items, people like T.I., 2 Chainz, The Game and NBA players DeMar DeRozan and J.R. Smith.

No word yet on when the Nipsey Hussle Tower will be completed.

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