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‘That Is Totally B.S.’: ‘Married to Medicine’ Fans Not Buying Dr. Jackie’s Explanation About Why She Didn’t See Mariah Huq’s Drug Test Results

The fallout from Mariah Huq’s cocaine use allegations and ensuing drug test results continued on Sunday night’s episode of “Married to Medicine” and fans were left wondering why Dr. Jackie Walters refused to see the documents.

“I am not here to be the judge and jury about Mariah and Quad,” Walters said at a gathering among the ladies when Huq passed her the test results.

Asked on “Watch What Happens Live” Oct. 20 about why she didn’t look to see for herself that Huq’s hair strand test came back negative for drugs, she explained she’d need more information.

“As a physician, I would have to ask more questions: when did you take the test? How long ago did you — if you — ever used drugs?” she says. “I would have had to ask more questions, which would have opened up that whole thing again and I was over it. I’ve said I am sorry at least 500 times. And so I was really fed up with it. I’m over it, I’m out.”

“You can’t just take a test result and just come up with things,” she added after noting the viewers who voted that Dr. Jackie should have glimpsed the results “are not physicians.”

But while the OBY/GN was firm in her feelings on the matter, so were viewers of “M2M,” who promptly slammed Dr. Jackie for her take.

“Dr. Jackie is full of s–t im starting to believe Mariah that Dr Jackie is two-faced…even Dr heavenly said on her YouTube channel that Jackie act different than what shown on tv.”

“That is totally b.s ms. Jackie”

“Used to love her, but since she is bff with heavenly she is just a messy b. Being a physician has nothing to do with u looking at the damn test as a friend but anyway keep saying that loud maybe u believe urself.”

“Jackie looking at test would mean her truly admitting her faults for believing Quad and making that statement with Heavenly. Notice Dr Simone always knew Quad was lying. Also Dr Simone Damn well know Quad slept with Lakeeda’s ex Husband.”

“Get off your high horse, Jackie!”

Accusations that Huq abuses drugs were first uttered at the season 6 reunion when Quad Webb claimed she caught Huq doing cocaine, something Huq immediately and vehemently denied. Despite the clean drug test results, Webb has maintained she believes Huq used cocaine.

Huq has yet to publicly respond to Dr. Jackie’s explanation on “WWHL,” but on Instagram Oct. 16, she thanked her fans “for All the support we have been receiving & Standing in truth!. I’ve always known Real recognizes real 😏.”

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