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‘I Call BS’: ‘Married to Medicine’ Fans Don’t Buy Dr. Heavenly Saying She ‘Misspoke’ on Mariah Huq’s Alleged Drug Use

Sunday night’s episode of “Married to Medicine” saw Toya Bush-Harris shut down Quad Webb’s claims that Mariah Huq had done drugs, but it was some remarks from Dr. Heavenly Kimes that had fans talking.

During the episode, Bush-Harris told Webb that Huq had obtained an extensive drug test by submitting a sizable hair sample to a lab.

Despite Bush-Harris explaining the test showed no drug use by Huq dating back to five to 10 years, Webb deemed the test “inconclusive” and defended her accusation during the season 6 reunion that she saw Huq snort cocaine.

Kimes later sounded off in front of the cast and exclaimed, “I believe her! I really do!” when it came to Huq’s alleged drug use. The admission led Huq to burst into tears, overwhelmed by what she said were her co-stars’ “lies.”

“Y’all know I ain’t never did no damn drugs!” Huq declared of the “horrible” way Webb “slandered my name.”

But on Twitter Monday morning, Dr. Heavenly said the opposite of what she had declared on the bus ride in Savannah, Georgia, during the show.

“Let me be clear!!.. I’ve never seen anyone do drugs !… I don’t think anyone does drugs. ….I just think some people lie about other things! #married2med #TeamDaddy,” she tweeted.

That prompted a fan to ask, “You said you believe Quad so what was your comment about then??”

But Dr. Heavenly replied by explaining her anger got the best of her.

“I was angry and misspoke … I thought about it. I don’t know what’s true or not,” she said.

However, fans of “Married to Medicine” did not exactly buy that.

“too late you already spoke on it sis!!! now the bullfrog wanna back pedal byeee”

“Save it!! You already spoke loudly that you believe something that you never saw with your own eyes. I couldn’t trust someone like you as a professional.”

“Dr Heavenly you need to shut up your mash potato mouth sometimes. 🤡🙏”

“This show was filmed damn. Near a year ago and she’s just now having a revelation I call bs”

Still, not everyone was against the dentist.

“Well good for Heavenly for saying that.”

“Its ok Porsha believed Phaedra and the whole time she played her friend it happens”

“Well at least she admitted shes wrong. Lets not act like we’ve never been in situations where we’ve defended our friends or family even if they were wrong.”

“heavenly was talking just to be talking”

Meanwhile, Huq took to Instagram to state she had already taken drug tests that proved she was clean.

“Thats whats so bad about it. I had already posted the results before they filmed that messy blog. I had taken 3 test & they still would perpetuate that foolery. Very insulting.”

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