‘You Looking Better’: Alexis Skyy Fans Brag About Her Apparent Glow-Up Since Breakup With Trouble

Alexis Skyy is apparently looking more beautiful than ever nowadays and folks believe it has something to do with her recent split.

Since her apparent breakup with rapper Trouble, the “Love and Hip Hop” star has been posting bomb photos and selfies of herself all over social media, according to fans. On Wednesday, she took to Instagram and shared a pictures of herself posted up in a clothing store while showing off her own outfit.

Skyy wore a yellow and black plaid skirt, black thigh-high boots, a bodysuit, and fur-lined leather jacket. She seemingly snapped a shot of herself in the store’s mirror and added in her caption, “It’s that’s season ✨✨😙.”

Alexis Skyy
Alexis Skyy. @alexisskyy/Instagram

Her post drummed up more than 63,000 likes and a shower of compliments. However, some fans brought up Skyy’s apparent glow-up since allegedly calling it quits with Trouble.

“You still be looking real good despite of all you went through any guy would be lucky to have you in their life 😍😍”

“Damnit Alexis ♥️🔥 sis this is a look. Keep going baby 🖤🖤 you know the vibes.”

“Looking better since you left trouble. He out here recording females gettin jumped…”

“Y yes it is …bad gal🔥 come thru love you look beautiful. You been killin the ‘Gram lately.”

Skyy’s recent fashion post comes after her Miami Carnival thirst trap she posted on October 14. She wore a super sexy Samba costume that revealed her coke bottle shape and physical assets. She added in her caption, “Jamaican Queen 👸🏼.”

Alexis Skyy
Alexis Skyy. @alexisskyy/Instagram

As for her alleged breakup with Trouble, the couple haven’t been seen together in public for weeks.

Skyy also alluded to their suspected relationship woes, by writing on October 6, “When you niggas get stupid, it’s plenty on deck.” She also shared a message about letting go of things she couldn’t change.

Alexis Skyy
Alexis Skyy and rapper Trouble. (Photo: @alexiskyy_/Instagram)

The pair broke up late last month after exchanging barbs on social media. Skyy blasted her lover over his communication issues, while the “She’s a Winner” rapper said the reality star just wasn’t “the one” for him. They eventually reconciled and posted a video together to show the world that all was well between them, but that was before the next apparent split.

Trouble hasn’t said much about their supposed split, but he seemingly confirmed he was single when he jokingly made a pass at “Growing Up Hip Hop” star Angela Simmons a few weeks ago.

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