‘Oh Hell’: Alexis Skyy Fans Confused After Her Boo Trouble Shoots His Shot at Angela Simmons

It looks like things just got a bit messier between Alexis Skyy and her apparent ex-boyfriend Trouble.

Breakup rumors recently surrounded the “Love and Hip Hop” actress and her off-and-on boo after folks noticed hinting messages she’s been posting about their relationship. It seems fans had the right to speculate a split between the two, especially after the “She a Winner” rapper was spotted trying to shoot his shot at DJ Rev Run’s daughter Angela Simmons.

That’s right! The “Growing Up Hip Hop” actress posted a jaw-dropping Cheetos-themed thirst trap this week that Trouble seemingly took the bait on. Wednesday afternoon, the Atlanta rapper took to his Instagram story and reposted Simmons’ ultra-sexy post, all while seemingly making a pass at her.

Angela Simmons
Trouble shoots his shot at Angela Simmons.@troublet6/Instagram

“I don’t think I ever imagined my face being a bag of cheetos until today,” Trouble wrote across the post, while also tagging Simmons. His bold comment directed at the 32-year-old actress went viral and instantly confused a lot of people, especially those who thought he and Skyy were still together.

“Waitttt so him and Alexis done ? Oh hell! 🤭 it’s about to be some drama😂”

“He could never 😂 they both lookin thirsty lol why her legs soooo wide lol”

“Damn Trouble is living up his name 😂. Wait so he and Alexis are no more!?”

“And I oop! 😭😭 Alexis thought she was the one. Angela be setting them traps boy and they be biting 🤦🏾‍♀️.”

Alexis Skyy
(Left) Trouble and Alexis Skyy, Angela Simmons (right). (Photos: @alexisskyy/Instagram, @angelasimmons/Instagram)

Trouble later doubled down on his boastful comments toward Simmons, writing on Oct. 10, ” They won’t let me liveeeee man 😩😩😩 I’m a naturally fun guy.”

Trouble shoots his shot at Angela Simmons.@troublet6/Instagram

Simmons has yet to respond to the rapper’s “thirsty” remarks, and Skyy hasn’t made mention of her Trouble’s comments.

On Oct. 3, Skyy suggested that she and the “Come Thru” rapper were facing trouble in paradise. She wrote in her caption, “When you niggas get stupid, it’s plenty on deck’ and recently added in another, “Nobody can check me when it’s chess ♟”

The couple called it quits last month after he allegedly cheated on her. A video surfaced of a man that fans claimed looked like Trouble kissing a woman in a Las Vegas club prior to his and Skyy’s apparent breakup on Sept. 23.

There have also been rumors that the rapper was cheating on Skyy with Sean “Diddy” Combs’ rumored girlfriend Lori Harvey after he posted a video of the young model wearing his apparel. Trouble, however, seemingly denied those claims, writing in an Instagram caption, “You’d think I lived in a dumpster wit all da trash & lies dey Been puttin on da skooB name lately..”

Skyy and Trouble’s relationship status is unknown, but it’s unlikely she would approve of his comments toward Simmons.

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