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‘O.G. Reads Her Right’: ‘Basketball Wives’ Fans Applaud When Evelyn Lozada’s Doubts About Ex’s DMs Shamed by Receipts

The final part of the “Basketball Wives” season 8 reunion saw O.G. continue to maintain Evelyn Lozada’s ex-husband was in her DMs. And she had a nifty way of providing the proof.

Sitting on a stage separated from the rest of the cast with her boyfriend Kwame Alexander, the ex-pro-football player maintained that she has gotten direct messages from Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson since 2011.

“I just never saw anything with him romantically,” she says before clarifying that Johnson was pursuing her for a relationship. Then she proceeded to use a money gun to fire out printouts of the former Cincinnati Bengals player’s alleged tweets, text messages and DMs.

“There you go, there are all your receipts,” she said. “When you get a chance you can read that. There you go. All the receipts. So you tell me what that looks like.”

“It sucks you can’t see it,” she says when host Marc Lamont Hill remarked on the fact that he cannot get to see the star’s evidence because she is on a separate soundstage.

The gimmick resulted in eye-rolling and chuckles from O.G.’s co-stars, and fans online began either mocking or backing up O.G.

“Suddenly Evelyn does not care abt receipts 😂😂 OG reads her her right.”

“OG is so sad…..! 😂🤦🏽‍♂️😂”

“Evelyn laughing but she low-key tight.”

“Y’all OG haters must be miserable, bc I have friends that are similar to OG! They are real and if something needs to be addressed it be addressed!”

“Yesssss OG 🙌🏾😝”

“How is what OG did any worse than Evelyn contacting a man who abused her for receipts?”

O.G. got under Lozada’s skin about Johnson during the cast trip to Costa Rica.

“Chad wants to be with a black woman!” she shouted at Lozada after showing off alleged exchanges Johnson and O.G. sent while he was engaged to Lozada in 2011. “You’re not black! You can gel your hair down all you want, you can say n—a this and n—a that. … You’re not black!”

The former “Basketball Wives” newbie’s reaction comes after she proclaimed to Lozada in a prior episode, “Ochocinco wanted me! Ochocinco wanted me! … Ocho was in my DMs happy, boo! I’m your favorite athlete’s favorite athlete!”

That was the first time that O.G. seemed to dig into Lozada about Ochocinco. The former “Livin’ Lozada” star promptly responded by bragging about having, kids, family “A+ credit” and “a bomb motherf–king p—y.” She patted the area she referenced and rolled her hips around to boot.
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