‘Doesn’t She Have a Man?’: O.G.’s Receipts of Evelyn Lozada’s Ex-Husband’s DMs Derail When Fans Deem Her ‘Thirsty’

After O.G. proclaimed Evelyn Lozada’s ex-husband Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson sent her direct messages on Twitter, the retired woman’s pro football player delivered some receipts. But doing so likely hasn’t had the desired results from fans.

On Wednesday night’s episode of “Basketball Wives,” O.G. seemed to get under Lozada’s skin when she mentioned she and Johnson had exchanged DMs.

“Ochocinco wanted me! Ochocinco wanted me! … Ocho was in my DMs happy, boo! I’m your favorite athlete’s favorite athlete!” O.G. shouted at Lozada during a cast trip to Costa Rica.

“I got kids, I got family, I got A+ credit, I got a bomb motherf–king p—y,” replied Lozada as she wriggled her hips. The star was married to Johnson briefly before a domestic violence incident spelled the end of their union in 2013.

But on Thursday, O.G. uploaded a screenshot of redacted DMs to her Instagram Story featuring exchanges between her and Ochocinco. The dates on the messages were censored but there were at least seven of them in the former Legends Football League cornerback’s inbox. It’s not clear who initiated the conversations, however.

“I speak on facts,” O.G. typed across the top of the image before adding at the bottom, “Smooches!”


Fans who peeped the proof, however, felt the move came off as desperate, especially considering she is in a longterm relationship with fellow athlete Kwame Alexander. He plays for the Trotamundos de Carabobo of the LPB Venezuelan basketball league.

“Girl don’t you have a whole bf ?”

“Don’t she got a nigga already 😭”

“Doesn’t she have a man?..what’s with all this ochocinco clout pushing 🤦🏾‍♂️”

“Right I wonder how her man feel about this …gloating about another man trying to smash ……a real man would never disrespect her and her man by even doing this she a 🤡”

“She is looking thirsty”

“I don’t understand why she boasting about another ma being in her messages when she can’t even keep her man in there house…”

“But what is this proving other than the fact they were having a conversation via DM’s. Clearly she was responding if he sending that many messages but what do they say? 😂🤦🏾‍♂️”

And while Lozada initially kept quiet about her clash with O.G., she finally sounded off on Twitter Thursday. Making light of her slapping her crotch so as to mock O.G., Lozada said, “I put a ice-pack 🤣” when asked if she was sore after making the motion. When a fan tweeted their mother asked why Lozada was “pounding her privates so hard,” the star replied, “Tell her it was itching.”

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