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‘Alex Was Shook’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Lose It After Donna Tries to Put It Down on Her Boo Alex

It looks like “Black Ink Crew” star Donna Lombardi is ready to take her and Alex Robinson‘s sex life up a notch.

During this week’s episode, the couple learned that Robinson’s doctor cleared him for “moderate exercise” activities after his back injury he suffered last season. For those who don’t remember, the tattoo artist suffered severe tissue damage in his back that supposedly left him pretty much immobile after he was physically assaulted by the Black Ink owner Ceaser Emanuel and his cousin Teddy Ruks during a heated altercation.

Donna Lombardi
Donna Lombardi and Alex Robinson. (Photo: VH1 screen grab)

As a result of Robinson’s injury, he and Lombardi’s sex life apparently took a hit, and Lombardi now has made it perfectly clear that she is ready to get that part of their life back on track. During this week’s episode, the Ohio tattoo artist pulled out a brochure of different types of sex positions her and Robinson could try since his doctor gave him the OK. She told her boo, “It’s time to get our sex life back, bae, I’m sorry.”

Robinson was a little taken aback by his girlfriend’s sex drive and noted that his injury wasn’t healed completely.

“So the doctor cleared me for moderate exercise and activities,” he added in his confessional. “Moderate! Maybe not Donna moderate, … I love Donna but she’s trying to go from zero to sixty straight out the gate. … If I try any of these positions, I’m gonna be in a back brace for the rest of my life.”

Lombardi tried to demonstrate the “plow” on Robinson, but apparently almost reinjured his back when she wrapped her leg around him.

Things seemed to be back on track with the couple’s love and sex life until Lombardi mentioned the idea of marriage to Robinson. The “Black Ink” artist told her boyfriend that she wanted him to propose to her within the next year or so, but Robinson felt differently.

“At this point, we’ve been together for a year, we’re basically married,” Robinson told Lombardi. “We’ve done everything that married couples do. What’s the big deal about signing some papers?”

Lombardi, however, threatened to leave Robinson if he wasn’t serious about marrying her.

Black Ink” viewers had mixed reactions to Lombardi’s sexual and marital requests from her boyfriend.

“Poor Alex he was shook she caught him by surprise 😂 with that damn sex position.She talking about, ‘then boom,’ 😄😄😄 almost killed Alex.”

“Once he said ‘we’re basically married. we’ve done everything married couples do.’ He’s not going to marry her. He has all the perks of marriage without putting in any effort on his part. Why change it?”

“😂 to much ass for him I freakin love it!! Jump his bones Donna!! Go Donna.. Go Donna..”

“Dont run him off sis, he dont look ready YET😳 she’s putting a lot of pressure on him. Can’t force love.”

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