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‘Gator Mouth!’: ‘LHHH’ Fans Hype Up Lyrica Anderson After She Almost Comes to Blows With Brittany B.

It looks like “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Lyrica Anderson is completely fed up with Brittany B.‘s antics.

Brittany found herself in the middle of several feuds this season, including a recent altercation with her co-stars Zell Swagg and Paris Phillips. The trio got into a physical altercation after Monday night’s episode showed Brittany hurling insults at Swagg and Phillips.

Anderson found herself caught in the middle of the drama when Swagg explained the melee to her via phone. Brittany B. was in the background and overheard Anderson’s phone conversation with Swagg and instantly was perturbed. When Anderson tried to talk to the “Think Twice” singer about the incident, she immediately became defensive and snapped at Anderson.

Lyrica Anderson
Lyrica Anderson (left) and Brittany B. (right). (VH1 screen grabs)

“You should of told your friend to stay his black ass at home, you look real messy right,” Brittany told the “The “Wreckless” singer.

“B–ch I didn’t do nothing to you. … Relax,” Anderson shot back before security intervened and pulled them apart from each other. The songwriter hurled another insult, saying she could care less about Anderson, and that’s when Anderson yelled, “B–ch f–k you! … Gator mouth.”

Brittany seemingly walked toward Anderson in a threatening manner and was instantly stopped by security.

Several “LHHH” fans applauded Anderson for firing back at Brittany, although she’s been trying to avoid drama all season long.

“I don’t like Gator mouth I mean Barney’s attitude! 😂 She always got some slick sh-t to say and thinks nobody’s going to say sh-t back. She’s a bully.”

“She’s a hater Lyrica!!! I like how she was like that wit lyrica 🤔 but not all hype wit Paris or zell. Bye Britttany”

“I wish Lyrica slapped the s–t out of Brittany but when she said ‘gator mouth’! I damn near died 😂😩 yessss Lyrica”

Others disagreed.

“Lyrica needs to sit down like nobody worried about her ass 😭”

“I kind of get where Brittany coming from, Lyrica both of their friends”

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