‘They Ain’t S–t for Dat!’: ‘LHHH’ Fans Slam A1 Bentley and Mistress Summer Bunni for Creeping Behind Lyrica’s Back

It looks like “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” stars A1 Bentley and Summer Bunni are in hot water after the airing of this week’s episode.

Although Bentley and his wife Lyrica Anderson ended season 5 on good terms, it seems a bit of drama happened between them during the show’s hiatus. A rumor surfaced that Bentley cheated on his wife with aspiring rap artist Bunni. Both denied the accusations until Anderson came face-to-face with Bunni.

During Monday night’s episode, Anderson and her friends met up with Summer Bunni to confront her about sleeping with Bentley. Within a matter of minutes, their meetup went left when the former stripper felt the new mother and her friends were trying to gang up on her. A few moments later Bunni went outside to talk with Anderson and admitted that she slept with her husband.

A1 Bentley
(From left) A1 Bentley, Lyrica Anderson and Summer Bunni. (Photos: @a1bentley/Instagram, @lyricaanderson/Instagram, @summbunnifanpage/Instagram)

“I do want you to know this is very hard for me to come and talk to you,” said Bunni, who’s allegedly the former mistress of Cardi B‘s husband, Offset. “I’m tired of people looking at me a certain way or thinking I’m coming on to their husbands. … I never came on to A1, he came on to me. It’s true … We have had sex … It was multiple times.”

Anderson said she believed her husband’s alleged mistress was telling the truth and confronted her husband shortly afterward. Bentley immediately admitted to cheating on his wife last year, but claimed it was because she cheated on him first.

“Lyrica and I thought it’d be best to keep her infidelities on the low last year,” the music producer said in his confessional. “Lyrica was at high risk for her pregnancy and I didn’t want to stress her out any further.”

Anderson rebutted her husband’s claims and blasted him for cheating on her after their marriage vows last year amid her pregnancy. She then told Bentley she could no longer be with him.

“LHHH” viewers applauded Anderson’s strength and slammed Bentley and Bunni for their affair behind her back.

“Wasn’t Lyrica pregnant last year? 😡 They ain’t s–t for dat! Lyrica divorce him and move on sis”

“Beat that a–! I would’ve dragged Summer Homewrecker. This whole situation is pure sickening ugh!!!!”

“This girl is a walking virus…Alexa play Hoe by Ludacris… I’m done 🚶🏽‍♀️ He knew he was married also 💯 and A1 is dirty asl for that”

“At the end of the day A1 is married to lyrica not summer bunnie. A1 broke his vows, again not summer bunnie. A1 is wrong and so is summer both 🤷”

Last year Anderson was accused of cheating with Safaree Samuels, which they both denied. She and Bentley share an 8-month-old baby boy.

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