‘Bye, Bye Black Lady’: Stacey Dash’s Arrest Report Shows She Was Booked as a ‘White’ Woman, Gets Viciously Mocked Online

Actress and outspoken conservative Stacey Dash was arrested earlier this week following a domestic violence incident with her husband. And on the day she was released from jail, her booking information made the rounds and online mockery ensued.

Dash, who most famously starred in the 1995 teen film “Clueless,” was arrested in Florida by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Department Sunday after she and her husband, Jeffrey Marty, were involved in a domestic dispute.

stacey dash
Stacey Dash at the premiere of Lionsgate Films’ “America” at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live on June 30, 2014, in Los Angeles. Photo: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)

In a 911 call, Dash alleged her husband put her into a chokehold after one of his “disrespectful, awful” daughters was “in my face.” She also told the dispatcher her husband was “taking pictures of scratches on his arm that I did not put there,” according to a recording obtained by The New York Post. But in a police report obtained by the Tampa Bay Times, Dash is said to have pushed Marty and slapped him across the face, leaving him with “red scratch marks to his left upper arm.”

The movie star was held in central booking and hit with a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, online documents show. By Monday, Sept. 30, however, she was released, having been bailed out by her husband.

“Ms. Dash’s husband appeared in court today, September 30th, on her behalf and Ms. Dash was released from the Land O’ Lakes detention facility. No further legal action is pending,” read a statement from the actress’ representatives sent to Fox News. “The marital dispute, while personal and unfortunate, has since been blown out of proportion. An earlier report on TMZ.com said her manager told TMZ that she was attacked by her husband — both the source’s relationship to Ms. Dash and the events of the evening were misrepresented.”

And while Dash can at least put her time behind bars in her rearview mirror, social media users have been enjoying a case of schadenfreude after screenshots of the star’s booking information began making the rounds online.

stacey dash

The 52-year-old actress’ race is listed as “W” for white on the Pasco Sherriff’s Office’s website. But according to Dash’s former congressional race website, her mother was Mexican American and her father was Black.

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