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Stacey Dash Shares Proof of Her Official Congressional Run

Stacey Dash has officially registered to run for Congress in California’s 44th district and she’s sharing proof with a convenient photo op. The former Fox News correspondent hopes to secure the district that serves Compton and Watts come November and is boldly declaring she’s running with no big financial backing.

“I’m running on my own,” she tweeted Friday, March 2. “No big corporations or Soros money behind me. I want to change the system, making it real and accessible to everyone who wants answers. I hope you will donate to my campaign as I fight against accepting the status quo.”

In a separate tweet, she noted, “people across the nation have contributed through my site and I thank you.”

While responding to a donor the night before, Dash said she was running not as a movie star but “as a single mother who’s been up and down.

“I’m running as someone who lives in my district,” she added, despite being registered to vote in West Hollywood.

And while many doubted her when news broke of her official push to run with her committee “Dash to D.C.,” she’s got several people backing her.

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