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‘Give It Up Already’: Remy Ma Fans Slam Brittney Taylor for New Papoose Assault Claims

It looks like “Love and Hip Hop: New York” actress Brittney Taylor contradicted her original statement against Remy Ma following their alleged physical altercation.

A few months ago, the 30-year-old reality TV star claimed Remy sucker punched her in the eye while backstage at a New York charity event. She even went as far as pressing charges and filing a lawsuit against the rap diva.

Remy Ma
Remy Ma (left) and Brittney Taylor (right). (Photos: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images, @brittneyftaylor/Instagram)

It’s been months since Taylor or Remy addressed the alleged incident, but all of that changed after a screenshot of a post — one supposedly from Taylor on her private “close friends” Instagram channel — was leaked, a post claiming that Remy’s husband Papoose was Taylor’s actual attacker.

“I have the video,” the screenshot read. “Papoose is a B–ch for toching me and he’s a B–ch for making his wife take the wrap for it! SMFH!!! Nigga really knocked me out bro! S–t making me sick to my soul.”

Brittney Taylor
Brittney Taylor claims Papoose assaulted her. @theneighborhoodtalk/Instagram

Taylor’s apparent message instantly raised some eyebrows. If it is indeed true, then her initial story brazenly blaming Remy for assault is full of inconsistencies. The “LHHNY” actress is facing backlash for her supposed comments all over social media.

“Wtf, girl! 🙄 she lied to the police .. at the end of the day her case will be thrown out cuz she lied !”

“I’m sick of her! Girl which one is it🙄😑 you said rely blacked your eye know it’s pap… you tryna get a settlement since love and hip hop dropped you”

“Sis it’s over give it up already! Why the hell would Pap hit you chile when he has a daughter around yo age and a whole damn wife!!!!! GIRL BYE, NEXT LIE 😑”

Brittney Taylor
Remy Ma, Papoose (left) and Brittney Taylor (right). @remyma/Instagram, @brittneyftaylor/Instagram

The State of the Culture host has maintained her innocence since Taylor initially accused her of punching her in April. Remy was even charged a month later with assault in the third degree and one count of harassment in the second degree.

Taylor claimed the alleged incident took place after she “defended” Dejanae Mackie, Papoose’s daughter, from being assaulted by a man while they were supposedly in Miami for spring break earlier this year.

Both Taylor and Remy appeared in court on September 26 about the alleged assault and when the “Conceited” rapper’s attorney brought up the post, Taylor’s lawyer said that it was doctored.

Neither Remy nor Papoose has addressed Taylor’s latest allegations.

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