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Remy Ma Allegedly ‘Blacks Out’ Brittney Taylor’s Eye After Supposed Altercation

Whoa! Did Remy Ma give her “Love and Hip Hop: New York” cast mate Brittney Taylor a black eye?

It seems there’s some unknown serious beef brewing between the “Hands Down” rapper and Taylor, who claimed she was physically assaulted by Remy this week.

The “Pop Suttin” rap-tress took to Instagram on Wednesday with a short clip of herself with her right eye swollen and bruised. Although, Taylor didn’t say anything in the video, she did, however, tag Remy Ma in her caption, blaming the mother of two for her injury.

Remy Ma
Remy Ma (left) seemingly is behind the new shiner Brittney Taylor (right) is sporting in a a video she recently posted. (Photos: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images, @brittneyftaylor/Instagram)

“So, here am I on my way to a very important meeting and it’s hard to even focus because of what occurred last night,” Taylor wrote. “I didn’t wanna bring it to social media because Its pretty embarrassing and not a good look tbh. … My Question is @remyma why did you really do this?” She added the hashtags, “#WHATHAPPENEDTOWOMANEMPOWERMENT” and “#BlackLove.”

Remy Ma was slated to perform at the third annual Pretty Lou Birthday Charity Concert in New York on Tuesday, April 16, with former “Terror Squad” group mate Fat Joe. However, it’s said that Taylor, who also attended the fight-against-cancer event, allegedly crossed paths with Remy, who supposedly gave her a two-piece and a biscuit.

The “Conceded” rapper, who served six years in prison in 2007 for reportedly shooting an ex-friend over money, has yet to respond or address Taylor’s allegations, posting only her newly released “Remy Ma” clothing collection on social media Thursday morning.

Although Remy hasn’t said anything about the alleged fight, fans sure had a lot to say.

“🗣 You was probably running your mouth like always, sis you lucky you ain’t get shot!”

“How y’all talking about snitching ? Remy know better she should know the consequences… who wants to get punch in the face an not say anything like wtf. I feel bad for Bri!”

“Put some witch hazel on that shit n shut yo ass up! Shoulda took that L in private 😂💪🏾!”

“Nah this bitch been talking shit 😂😂 keep that same energy girl don’t try and play victim now.”

“Dang Bri, remy should’ve known better! She going back to the pin, Brittney get her a–!”

For those who remember, Taylor had a few insults to say about Remy following the “LHHNY” Reunion taping for season 8 after the 38-year-old seemed to urge Taylor to stop trying to be about that street life. Taylor later responded on an Instagram Live video, referring to Remy as “that bum.”

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