‘Kit Runnnn!’: Black Ink Crew Fans Urge Miss Kitty to Head for the Hills After Ceaser Flirts With Her

It looks like “Black Ink Crew” viewers aren’t here for another Ceaser Emanuel and Miss Kitty romance.

The pair initially dated in 2017, not long after Emanuel called it quits with his then-fiancée Dutchess Lattimore. They’ve, however, dated off and on over the past few years but apparently never made anything official due to the boss man’s “childish” ways.

Fast-forward to this week’s teaser for Wednesday night’s episode, and it appeared that Miss Kitty was singing a different tune about her relationship with Emanuel. The pair discussed her recent verbal altercation with newcomer London, and Kitty thanked the “Black Ink” owner for seemingly having her back. She claimed he had also been instrumental in helping her with the loss of her mother, whose passing away after a long fight with cancer became part of the storyline a few episodes ago.

Ceaser Emanuel
Ceaser Emanuel and Miss Kitty. (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

“Maybe it took this trip for me to realize that Ceas has grown up a bit,” Kitty said in her confessional.

The scene then panned to Emanuel gawking at Kitty, who was wearing a scanty bikini. As she walked away from their discussion, Emanuel yelled, “Them cheeks are looking nice too.”

Black Ink” viewers urged Kitty to not head down the relationship road with Emanuel again, claiming he didn’t have her “best interest at heart.”

“I would love them together but I think right now Ceas doesn’t have Kitty’s best interest at heart. He’s still gotta hoe a little bit. Maybe in another 5 yrs or somethin”

“Yoooo Kit runnnnnn!!!! Cease is a hoe!😌 plus she was apart of the ‘I’m hurt after Dutchess round up’ so he won’t see or appreciate her. Leave alone Kit”

“It would be nice but I really don’t think cease is ready you guys are just happy with the illusion of then being together!!!”

“Should they get back together? *Clears throat* NO. The end 🤷‍♀️ he don’t need her and she don’t need him as a man something staying friends is ok they better off as friends.”

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