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He Ain’t So Bad’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Applaud Ceaser Emanuel for Consoling Miss Kitty After This Scene

It seems “Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser Emanuel may have redeemed himself this week after getting slammed for his apparent “a–hole” behavior.

Last week, the shop owner got dragged online for being inconsiderate towards his ex-girlfriend Crystal after he seemingly complained to her about being a full-time parent for a week. Crystal, the mother of his teenage daughter Cheyenne, underwent jaw reconstruction surgery and sent their daughter to stay with Emanuel while she recovered. He apparently took issue with that.

However, during Wednesday night’s episode, viewers praised him after witnessing him consoling his brand ambassador Miss Kitty, who’s mother had just died.

Ceaser Emanuel
Ceaser Emanuel and Miss Kitty. (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

After, losing her mom to lung cancer a few episodes ago, Kitty asked Emanuel if he’d like to visit her mother’s old home in Memphis. The home was apparently a part of Kitty’s mother’s memory that she wanted to still keep alive. However, as soon as the pair arrived to the address, they noticed that her mother’s old house no longer existed and evidently was torn down.

The brand ambassador was devastated and broke down in tears, saying in her confessional, “It feels like somebody just kicked me as hard as they could in my throat. I thought that I would have at least my mother’s old house to hold onto, but now that’s gone too. Everything is gone.”

Ceaser Emanuel
Ceaser Emanuel and Miss Kitty. (Photo: VH1 screen grab)

Emanuel instantly hugged Kitt as she cried on his shoulders.

Several “Black Ink” fans offered their sympathy for Kitt, while others applauded the shop owner for consoling her.

“😢 I am so sorry for you Kitty. I appreciate Ceasar for being there wit through those hard times!! I could tell that shit really hurt Kitt!! U a good dude C’s!!!”

“Good job to Ceaser I gotta give him props for being there for her. Im glad he had her back💯. My heart breaks for Kit.”

“Any other time I think ceez is a jerk but he ain’t so bad. I’m happy he was there for Kitty. She needs it 🙏.”

“I’m glad ceaser is there for her and in this moment I have nothing bad to say about him ❤️ #goodjobbossman”


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