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‘I’m Not Crying, You Are’: Ciara Fans Adore Sibling Moment Between Baby Future and Sienna

Ciara’s kids have a bond like no other.

The singer uploaded a video to her Instagram page Monday putting the relationship between her 2-year-old daughter Sienna Princess and 5-year-old Future Zahir firmly on display.

As the siblings sit on the floor enjoying popcorn in matching outfits, big brother Future hands his younger sister a kernel before Sienna returns the gesture. She then looks over at how Future is sitting and positions her legs in the same way.

“Bro and Sis life. ❤️ Notice how she did her legs like his. ❤️” Ciara captioned the footage.

Fans were caught in their feelings about the brother-sister moment.

“They are so precious 💕”

“Awwwwwww I’m not crying, you are 🥴”

“If this is not cute ldk what is 😭 @chiwaravaal”

“He is the best big brother ever 😘 I feel sorry for any young man trying to win her heart !!”

“She is so sweet. Omg. My heart melts. 🔥👏”

“How cute!!! They share their popcorn while they have some in their bags 😫😫😻😻 I can’t!!”

Ciara shares baby Future with her rapper ex-fiancé Future and welcomed Sienna with husband Russell Wilson in 2017. However, the half-siblings don’t let their different fathers get in the way of their closeness. For one, Future has bonded with stepdad Wilson since the Seattle Seahawks quarterback began dating Ciara in 2015. In the years since Wilson hasn’t hesitated to embrace baby Future, which he spoke to on BuzzFeed’s “AM2DM” in March.

“The thing that I’ve learned the most — and I think this is real — the thing that I’ve learned the most is that being a stepdad and then also having our little daughter as well, [but] being a stepdad, you really find out what love’s like,” he said. “It’s interesting. It’s easy to love somebody that’s blood and everything else, but when you can love somebody just like it’s your own child and everything else, that’s what real love’s like.”

And after Sienna came into the picture, Future got to spread the family bonding to his younger sister, who playfully joined him in mimicking the pet name mom Ciara has for Wilson, Babe, this past spring.

For Ciara, it was important for her to have siblings since she grew up with no brothers or sisters.

“I am an only child, so I always had a strong desire to have siblings, and that triggered my will to have more kids,” she told Vogue Arabia in the publication’s February issue. “They are an extension of my legacy and they keep me young. Motherhood definitely gives you a new conscience. My kids help me to feel motivated and keep things in perspective.”

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