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‘I’m Takin Notes Boo’: Tamar Braxton Shows Fans How to ‘Pump Yah Man Up’ After Boyfriend Posts About ‘Big Deals’

It seems Tamar Braxton finds boyfriend David Adefeso working hard to get some deals done quite attractive.

Adefeso, who heads Los Angeles-based company The Pacific Group, was in Fort Worth, Texas, last week with his business partner in order to make some agreements with a few clients.

“We’re hanging out at the Fort Worth Club,” he begins in the Sept. 12 video. “They got bears and tigers over here. We’re just hanging out, doing some deals. It’s a really amazing place, the club. I like it a lot. And we’re having fun. We’re also doing deals — that’s the important thing: have fun and do deals.”

“Having fun and doing big deals at the Club😉 with @alphagiant . These good folks in Texas sure love to hunt the big game🦌….” Adefeso further added in the caption.

His singer girlfriend hopped into the financial services firm CEO’s comments section Thursday to let him know she enjoyed the fact that he had his mind on his money.

“Whew chile💦 That thang is fine 👅👅👅,” Braxton wrote.

Adefeso didn’t remark on Braxton’s comment, but her fans happily applauded her and the couple at large.

“@tamarbraxton yes ma’am pump yah man up!!! I’m takin notes boo”

“Yes,,, happy for you and Tamar!!!! Closed the Deal!!! Working hard!!! God bless.”

“Stay together!!!!!!! Love and be happy with Tamar !!!!!!!!! 🙏❤️”

“I love you guys @tamarbraxton and @david.adefeso God bless ya guys❤️”

“David you and tamar look good together”

As the CEO of The Pacific Group, Adefeso oversees all parts of the company’s operations, according to his biography on the organization’s website. He’s worked there since 2002. Before he headed the company, however, he worked on Wall Street as an investment banker with Wasserstein Perella & Co. and Salomon Smith Barney for a year, according to his LinkedIn page. In addition to being a CEO, he is also the founder and CEO of Sootchy Inc., which was established in January 2019 to combat loan debt of students in the United States.

With all of Adefeso’s business ventures, however, tensions emerged between him and his love when the couple joined Braxton’s sisters and their significant others in Napa Valley. The trip was filmed for “Braxton Family Values” and at one point, Adefeso wanted to join the fellas and smoke some cigars.

But Braxton nipped that in the bud, exclaiming in a spring episode, “David don’t smoke no way. Nor are you gonna smoke, thank you, Jesus.”

In a confessional scene, the singer expounded on why she had such an issue with him taking part in the activity.

“He’s not a reality TV star. He really has real clients and some of his clients conflicts with smoking and him doing it on television is different than doing it in the circumference of somebody’s backyard, period,” Braxton stated. “He doesn’t know that.”

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