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‘Selfish MF’: Black Ink Crew Fans Slam Ceaser Emanuel for Being ‘Too Hard’ on Ex Crystal After Her Surgery

It looks “Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser Emanuel is back under fire for his apparent inconsiderate antics.

Earlier this season, viewers slammed the tattoo shop owner for his apparent lack of ability to treat Crystal, the mother of his teenage daughter Cheyenne, with respect.

During Wednesday night’s episode, Emanuel met with his ex-girlfriend at her home to discuss how much longer he had to keep their daughter, while she healed from her surgery. Crystal had jaw reconstruction surgery, which Emanuel seemingly gave her a hard time about, and was still healing from the procedure.

Ceaser Emanuel and his ex-girlfriend Crystal. (Photos: @blackink/Instagram, @vh1 screen grab)

The Black Ink owner, however, complained about being a full-time parent and having enough time to take care of his daughter, while trying to run his businesses. He persistently probed his ex-girlfriend on the amount of time it would take for her to recover.

Crystal, who was unable to speak, told Emanuel via text that she would be out of work and recovering for weeks. The tattoo artist seemed slightly disappointed he would have to continue his role as a full-time parent for a period of time.

“That long, Crystal … f–k!” said Emanuel. “I really gotta give you credit, being a full-time mom and I know you work full -time. I respect you for that.”

Although Emanuel managed to give his “baby moms” props for raising his daughter, “Black Ink” viewers still felt he still displayed selfish behavior.

“He was being a selfish mf if u ask me he doesn’t care 2 much about being a father 2 his child 😥”

“He’s selfish! I have no respect for him really . Just another selfish mf with money making it seem like watching his daughter is a problem”

“Yeh he’s being an asshole! There are single fathers that take care of their kids full time and he’s complaining about being a father to his child! 😩”

Others, however, defended Emanuel.

“Sounds like her daughter old enough to do her own shit moms acting like she a toddler 🙄 Ceaser Crystal can watch your daughter again”

“There daughter is old enough to help herself and aid her mom in something’s. I think Ceaser was very understanding”
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