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‘Are You Serious?’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Shocked After Des Alludes to His Mother Sky Days of Putting Him on Drugs

It looks like things have taken a turn for the worse between “Black Ink Crew” star Sky Days and her youngest son Dessalines.

Last week’s season premiere started off pretty rough after Days got into a heated argument with her 19-year-old son Des. She almost came to blows with her son after accusing him of stealing money from her and apparently coming into her house high on drugs. It also didn’t help that the mother of two scolded her son for talking “s–t” about her on social media with her eldest son Genesis, 20, whom she evidently has an estranged relationship with.

Sky Days
Dessalines and Sky Days. (Photos: Screen grabs from @loveandhip/Instagram, @VH1/Instagram)

Minutes after the episode aired on Wednesday night, Des caught a lot of flak from social media users for showing up on television high on marijuana.

“Wow Des looks bad who comes on tv high? 😕 yeah Sky was right to kick him out and he might be stealing from her.”

“Damn Des doing drugs now? I thought he was he good one smh he going down the wrong path like his brother smh 😔”

Clearly fed up with the backlash, Dessalines clapped back at viewers who made assumptions about him based off of the show.

“Y’all niggas some toddlers how you gon kno somebody off just watching a… nvm lmao let me feed in to this. what ya’ll think really happened?”

Sky Days
Black Ink Crew star Dessalines blasts mother Sky Days. @dezzzraymond/Instagram

The teen then went on to suggest that it wasn’t his brother who introduced him to smoking marijuana, but it was his mother Days.

“Lmao who you think put me on the weed I was smoking before my brother?”

Sky Days

Three seasons ago, Days, 34, reunited with her sons Genesis, and Des, after giving them up for adoption in her early teens. She established a tight-knit relationship with Des, whom she kept in contact with after the season ended, but had a hard time connecting with her eldest son.

During the season premiere, Days confessed it’s been hard trying to repair her relationship with her children, saying, “This s–t with these kids be f–king with me and that’s why I be backing up from that s–t. That s–t is different. It’s not no f–king fairytale the way everybody thought it was gone be. … And nobody gets that.”

Fans have offered their sympathy for both Days and Dessalines regarding their relationship.

“Well damn those are some serious accusations but I hope they work it out smh”

“Wow are you serious? I hope Sky I ain’t get him on that weed if so shame on her!”

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