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‘Fake-A– Artists’: K.Michelle Eviscerates Blac Chyna for Wanting to Pursue Music Career

R&B singer K. Michelle isn’t holding back her thoughts about aspiring artists trying to enter the music industry.

The “Crazy Like Me” artist is one of few musicians who sings, plays multiple instruments and writes her own music, so it’s no surprise that she had a mouthful to say about former stripper Blac Chyna wanting to pursue a singing career.

During Monday night’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood,” K. Michelle sat down with her co-star and Grammy-nominated producer-songwriter Brittany B. to talk about her music career. Brittany also mentioned that she planned on working with Blac Chyna, saying that she could sing and “has a tone.” The conversation clearly set K. off, and that’s when she dragged the 31-year-old mother of two to pieces, calling her a “fake artist.”

“This industry is the only industry where a mothaf–ka can just walk in without an audition,” the 34-year-old singer said. “This music is something you fight for your whole life. It’s not something that you just automatically know that you wanna do. This be people’s last resort. … The gift that God gave me? That is not the last resort to your d–k s–king that didn’t work.”

K. Michelle
K. Michelle (left) and Blac Chyna (right). (Photos: @kmichellemusic/Instagram, @blacchyna/Instagram)

If viewers thought K. Michelle was finished with her rant, they thought wrong. She continued to blast other upcoming artists who apparently weren’t genuinely passionate about music like herself.

“I literally last year y’all, rolled myself onstage to sing for my fans in a wheelchair,” she said during her confessional. “So why the f–k do you think I wanna talk about these fake-ass artists. I bust my ass. I love this s–t. It’s how I eat. I’m not finna entertain the people who just out here playing.”

LHHH” viewers had mixed reactions to the star’s remarks.

“Straight savage mode 🤣🤣 she is not wrong! Its a very ‘she did it, so I can do it too’ type of game right now. No heart, no passion, no purpose. Just a desire to secure a bag and stay relevant.”

“Don’t knock people who love music as much as do though…..uh girl other people have talent they have yet to show…. so wtf!?”

“I don’t care for K Michelle no more after her lil nose job and Chyna is the goat but I agree with K on this 💯”

“Im sooooo glad she said this!!!!!!!! Ppl randomly thinking they a rapper/singer these days my goshhhhh 🙄”

Over the past few years, K. Michelle has been vocal about what she sees as her lack of recognition in the music industry. She indicated to Big Tigger in April 2017 that people tend to overlook her multi-talents due to her strong personality. She admitted that sometimes she does have diarrhea of the mouth and her blunt personality can get in her trouble.

She even maintained during the interview that “these girls ain’t” or up-and-coming artists aren’t on her level when it comes to music.

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