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‘You Need to Quit It!’: Wendy Williams Fans Catch Her Slipping When She Claims to Have Gone Makeup-Free

Wendy Williams is basking in doing one of her favorite things: lounging around at home. The star recently shared a photo of herself doing just that alongside fashion icon André Leon Talley. But her description of her appearance caused things to take a turn.

“What the late lunch in my apt, still in my robe, no makeup, Kevin & Travis in the other room, @andreltalley is going on?! I like her!! See you September 16th,” the TV personality wrote in the caption of a photo with the former Vogue magazine editor-at-large.

wendy williams
Wendy Williams (left) and André Leon Talley (right). (Photo: @wendyshow/Instagram)

But while Williams stated she didn’t have a lick of makeup on, fans called her bluff and noticed the apparent mascara and eyeliner around her eyes.

“No makeup? 🧐 we can see it….🤦🏾‍♀️”

“Wendy.. you have make up on.. we know how you look without it.. Luvya ❤️but let’s stick with the truth😉👍🏽”

“Maybe she meant no fresh makeup…. But I love Wendy so 🤷🏾‍♀️”

“No makeup?!!! Lmfao Wendy you need to quit it!!! Love the energy tho!!!”

Others criticized “The Wendy Williams Show” host’s look overall, demanding she gets herself together.

“You need to fix your teeth.”

“Wendy! Get your eyebrows checked on….. too dark & too penciled on for the kinda $$ You make …… it’s like Britney & her crazy looking hair….. you people have dough, get that sh*t right.”

Williams has been enjoying herself with her newfound freedom months after filing to divorce longtime husband Kevin Hunter in April. The star has been soaking up time on the dating scene, having been linked to everyone from a man with a troubled past to a doctor to her own show’s audience producer.

She’s also been focused on her career.

Williams announced plans for a TV biopic for Lifetime, which she will produce with “Night School” and “Girls Trip” producer Will Packer. It is said that it will follow the former radio host’s life from the time she was 10 until age 55, sources told TMZ last month.

Presently, Williams is gearing up for a multi-city comedy tour this fall. However, the host has canceled a host of shows in cities like Newark, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, as Radar Online reported tickets are barely getting sold.

“Unfortunately, the goal and purpose of the tour has been sidelined by the headlines,” a notice from The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia read. “The show may be canceled, but Wendy’s commitment and love for all of the fans that support her and continue to support her never will. It is our utmost goal to return to the marketplace in the future.”

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