‘You Showed Absolutely No Support’: Brooke Bailey Confronts Jackie Christie During ‘Basketball Wives’ Reunion, Says She Wasn’t Supportive After Her Daughter’s Passing

Tensions were at an all-time high between “Basketball Wives” stars Jackie Christie and Brooke Bailey during the season 10 reunion hosted by Tamar Braxton.

During the May 8 episode, Christie explained how good of a friend she was and continues to be to the rest of her cast mates, including Jennifer Williams, whom she has gone back and forth with this season.

Brooke Bailey (left) and Jackie Christie (right). (Photos: @brookebaileyinc/Instagram, @jackiechristie/Instagram)

However, her statement didn’t seem to sit well with Bailey, who disputed the claims. 

“My heart is pounding 100 miles a minute right now listening to this,” Bailey began, “because you sit here and you say you know how great of a friend you’ve been to people, but I really feel like you’re not.”

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“The reason why is because when my daughter passed away, you didn’t even send me one flower,” the 45-year-old continued. “You been in L.A. you didn’t knock on my door to give me a hug or just to sit next to me, quietly. You showed absolutely no support.”

Bailey is still mourning the loss of her 25-year-old daughter, Kayla Nicole Bailey, who died in a fatal car crash in Memphis, Tennessee, last September.

Since the news, Bailey has shared her healing journey with her social media followers and even honored her only daughter by getting her face inked on her shoulder. 

After the “Skin by Brooke Bailey” founder explained what’s been on her heavy heart, Christie suggested that she wasn’t there for Bailey simply because she didn’t know how to be.

“I didn’t know what to say, and I’m so sorry,” the 53-year-old said, “It wasn’t that I didn’t support. I called you and I talked to Tyler Renee, is that your friend? Or your sister?”

Bailey’s friend Tyler Renee certainly didn’t appreciate Christie bringing up her name in the conversation. She penned a lengthy Instagram message on her story suggesting she and Christie “never” spoke.

“I’m only addressing this because of Kayla,” Renee wrote. “@jackiechristie you and I never had a conversation we never spoke over the phone. You dm’d me to add you to the guest list that i spent countless hours putting together for Kayla’s homegoing that you never showed up to.”

She then closed by writing, “Which is totally fine but PLEASE DO NOT LIE!” 

Tyler Renee responds to Jackie Christie suggesting they spoke about Brooke Bailey’s daughter. @tyler_renee_/ Instagram

As the episode continued, the rest of the ladies sided with Bailey, stating that they “expected a lot more” from Christie — who is a seasoned vet on the “Basketball Wives” franchise. 

“I wanted to give you the space to deal with the grieving, I’ve never lost a child, Brooke,” said Christie said. However, Bailey was not accepting that as an excuse. 

“I grieved 24 hours, seven days a week,” the fashion model replied, “So what space do you think I need?”

Voices began to raise after Christie implied that if roles were reversed Bailey wouldn’t know how to handle the situation. As the conversation got heated, cast mate Brandi Maxiell had to physically place herself in between the ladies while they went back and forth. 

“This wasn’t even something that I planned on addressing, but me sitting here listening to your bulls—t story about friendship with Jen, it’s some f—–g bulls–t,” Bailey emotionally yelled.

An unbothered Christie reiterated her apology, which her co-star intensely declined, “F–k your apology!”

When Braxton asked how the two ladies planned to move forward, the former video vixen confessed that she was taking a “few steps back” from their friendship. 

“It just left me feeling like you’re not the person, a friend on the outside that I thought that you were,” Bailey explained. 

Christie renewed the tensions after suggesting Bailey exit the “Basketball Wives” platform due to their now-strained kinship. 

“If you feel that this platform with me isn’t something you want to be a part of, then maybe it ain’t the place for you,” the mother of three said. 

The wife of Doug Christie had more to say after the ladies took a break. During a backstage interview, she called their interaction a “waste of time” and suggested that it might not have been time for Bailey to return to “BBW.”

“I mean you shouldn’t want to bring your daughter into a situation like this,” Christie said. “If I lost my child I probably wouldn’t even be here.”

The “BBW” reunion was tapped back in March; however, Bailey and Christie were recently spotted at a Lakers Game with Williams and Maxwell in a video Christie shared on April 26.

After witnessing her additional interview, Bailey took to Twitter to voice her displeasure and give fans some “clarity” on her frustration.

“What pissed me off today was seeing Jackie’s private interview after our back & forth on stage. I’m truly disgusted!” she tweeted. She then shared posts from her Instagram Story as well as more tweets that reveal her daughter passed away after filming season 10 of “BBW” had “wrapped.”

One of the screenshots features a DM from Christie asking to be added to the funeral guest list, but Bailey claims she “didn’t show up.”


Once the encounter became a viral clip on social media, Christie hopped under RealityEntertainmentTV’s Instagram page to clarify some things. 

“Really hope everyone stop spreading lies & hate about such a sensitive topic,” Christie wrote. “i’m truly disappointed the narrative is being spun in such a way to insinuate or say I Did Not call Her On the Very morning we all found out as I Said at the reunion I spoke to Tyler…” 

She closed her message by informing the public that the two ladies have talked things through during the reunion and have since moved on.

Christie joined the spinoff “Basketball Wives: LA” in 2011, while Bailey joined the following year for season 2. Bailey returned for season 10, which began airing last year.

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