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‘Where’s the Twins?’: Steve Harvey’s Family Vacation Leaves Fans Asking Questions About Absence of Twin Daughters

Steve Harvey recently capped off a whirlwind summer family vacation with wife Marjorie Harvey, and to commemorate the experience, the famous clan snapped a family pic for Instagram. However, some fans noticed that two members were missing.

After being out at sea for the last week or so, the family posed on a boat in Monte Carlo, Monaco, smiling for the camera in their summer-ready apparel.

steve harvey
Steve Harvey (front center) is surrounded by family on their last day at sea near Monaco. (Photo: @marjorie_harvey/Instagram)

“My last morning out on the sea today. This has been such a blessing! SEA you later 🌊😍🙏🏽” the talk show host’s wife captioned the image she shared to Instagram on Aug. 13.

But while many members of the blended family were pictured — including perhaps the most famous one, Lori Harvey — Marjorie’s followers wondered about the whereabouts of Steve’s twin daughters, Karli Raymond Harvey and Brandi Harvey.

“Why the twins never show up?”

“Where’s the twins?

“Where are steve twin daughters they are never on these trips.”

“I was about to ask ‘Where are the twins’ but I see I’m not the only one wondering in the comments. Damn. Let me go mind my business. Lol”

“Doesn’t Steve have other kids too? Why don’t they ever go on these ‘family’ trips?? Just asking?”

“Where are his real kids he gave birth to ?? Why are only his step kids taking all these extravagant trips …… steve u gotta do better 😡”

The absence of the twins has been mentioned by fans before.

When Marjorie shared a Christmas video of herself with the family last year, fans couldn’t help but wonder about the oldest Harvey daughters’ whereabouts.

“Never ever have seen the twin girls around Marjorie. I know they are married with kids but still, Steve is their biological father.”

“This is beautiful but I always wonder why Steve’s twin daughters are rarely ever apart of these family moments.”

“Yea, not being negative but it is very noticeable. Marjorie daughters do come around but the twins are rarely on videos or pics but his wife will never lack.”

The former “Steve” host has four biological children — twins Karli Raymond and Brandi Harvey and Broderick Harvey Jr. and Wynton Harvey. Meanwhile, his wife brought three children — Lori, Jason and Morgan — into the marriage.

While Broderick, Wynton, Lori, Jason and Morgan have all made appearances with their parents over the years, the oldest children — the twins — are typically absent from family functions. Still, they have each made appearances on Harvey’s former talk shows and have previously walked red carpets.

But in the past several years, it seems as if the twins have decided to focus more on their individual endeavors. Brandi is a wellness coach and founder of Beyond Her, the mission of which is to “bring active wellness to women of color,” for which she recently shot a new digital campaign. She also announced a new book this week. Meanwhile, entrepreneur Karli just appeared on the newest season of the OWN docuseries “Black Love.”

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