House Divided? Steve Harvey’s Wife’s Family Video Has Fans Wondering About Her Relationship with Comedian’s Twin Daughters

Marjorie Harvey’s Christmas decoration video was a winter wonderland for her family but some fans have been questioning why husband Steve Harvey’s twin daughters were omitted.

As Marjorie introduced viewers to her home, photos of her children and grandchildren flash on the screen. But 34-year-olds Karli Raymond and Brandi Harvey were mysteriously absent.

“We love to eat, we’re foodies. So, I love baking. Baking breads, making cookies with the grandchildren, that was so much fun,” Marjorie says in the festive clip as photos flash of the children and grandkids she shares with Harvey.

The absence of Raymond and Harvey, who are the daughters of the comedian and his first wife, Marcia Harvey, struck a sour note with some viewers.

“This is beautiful but I always wonder why Steve’s twin daughters are rarely ever apart of these family moments.”

“Never ever have seen the twin girls around Marjorie. I know they are married with kids but still, Steve is their biological father.”

“Yea, not being negative but it is very noticeable. Marjorie daughters do come around but the twins are rarely on videos or pics but his wife will never lack.”

“I never see the twins in the pictures. Now catch how she is actually holding her biological grand baby but that cute little baby boy that belongs to one of the twins, she just has a pic. Hey, they put it out there. Im just saying. Something ain’t right. Beautiful home though.”

And it wasn’t just the twins’ absence that caught fans’ attention. They also began speculating about how the grandchildren, whose bedroom only shows four bunk beds while there are five grandchildren, including one who was born in September.

“Why is everthing about marjorie and her grandkids what about the other chil
dren ( Steves) and his grandkids shouldn’t it be ours.”

“Spending up all Steve’s money on her, her children and grandchildren. I hope he don’t forget about his biological children.”


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