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Future Is Selling Pieces From His Closet, Giving Proceeds to His FreeWishes Charity

Future is selling some of his personal clothing items, and the proceeds will go to his FreeWishes Foundation that focuses on empowering those who live in marginalized communities.

The rapper has partnered with Grailed to carry it out, a company that sells second-hand menswear. So now those who always wanted to mimic Future’s style can do so.

The campaign is called “Future’s Free Wishes Sale,” and consumers will have the opportunity to purchase items like a pair of the rapper’s Balmain jeans, a floral Gucci jacket and a Gucci Bugs Bunny hoodie. The total of the collection is said to be worth $23,000, and there will be 50 items for sale in all.

“I feel like I just have a sense for fashion just as a gift,” said Future in a promotional clip for “Free Wishes.” “It’s just like with music. Sometimes you just gotta know what’s good and know what’s hot, whether it be low-end or high-end, we mix it and blend it well.”

“Because it’s not about what you wear or what you spend on it,” he added. “It’s the person who’s wearing it, how you put it together.”

Some may not be surprised that Future is selling some of his Gucci pieces, because in May the “Fine China” performer said that would be the only way he’d no longer wear the brand.

He made that statement shortly after the Italian designers pulled from shelves a wool balaclava sweater that many said looked identical to blackface imagery. People like T.I., Soulja Boy and others said they’d boycott Gucci and others should do the same. But Future said it was something he just wouldn’t do.

“I bought Gucci before it got canceled, so I’m still gon’ wear it because that’s my money,” he said in March during an interview on Streetz 94.5. “If you wanna give my money back then we can talk, because I’m a businessman. So you can buy my clothes back if you want me to not wear it, but you can’t tell me. Because I don’t feel like they did it out of ill intentions, but it ain’t for me to judge.”

The “Free Wishes” sale will reportedly start at the close of this week.

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