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‘That’s a White Chick’: Tommie Lee Denies Skin Bleaching After Fans Blast Her Unrecognizable Photo

Former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Tommie Lee is receiving a wave of backlash for looking lighter than usual in a recent image shared to her social media.

Lee, who’s a caramel-complexioned woman, is getting called on the carpet for looking white-washed. She took to her Instagram feed Tuesday afternoon and shared a sponsored fashion post of herself draped in Cavallari attire, including a red cropped top, black skirt and nude leggings.

She sported her hair in bleach-blond waves and adopted an extremely glammed makeup look.

Tommie Lee
Tommie Lee. @tommiee_/Instagram

Although her post received over 100,000 likes, a slew of fans were startled by her overall appearance.

“Who TF is that?! It ain’t my Tommie. Are you bleaching😥🤢 NOT GOOD SIS.”

“That ain’t my mf partner that’s some white chick. Girl u bleached ur skin ugh.”

One fan commented, “But why you look 👀 a whole shade lighter?”

Lee fired back at the critic, “I been in jail while y’all been sun bathing luv.” She also told fans in the comments she looked extremely lighter due to photography lighting.

The 35-year-old “LHHATL” alumna isn’t the only reality star who’s been accused of skin bleaching. Television personality-turned singer K. Michelle also has been a target of white-washing accusations.

K. Michelle
(photo credit: K. Michelle’s Instagram)

Last September, the “Can’t Raise a Man” singer denied all skin bleaching rumors, blasting naysayers for their “foul” speculations.

“The shit y’all make up when you just can’t find anything to hang a person,” K. Michelle wrote at the time. “I was Like seriously sick to the point of not knowing if I would still be here. … Your own people will make fun of you.”

In past interviews, K. also revealed she suffers from a skin condition called rosacea, which can sometimes cause skin discoloration.

As for the backlash Lee received, she made it clear that she was in no way lightening her skin. There were also a wave of supporters who defended the star.

“Love you tommie… you are beautiful inside and out 💯🙌”

“Mf’er u Michael Jackson (Bad)🔥🎯”

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