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‘Sis I Know You Better Than This!’: Eva Marcille’s Ex-Boyfriend Kevin McCall Shoots His Shot With Jess Hilarious But Fans Aren’t Amused

Months after Jess Hilarious put her relationship with Kountry Wayne in her rearview mirror, it appears she’s got another contender in the form of Eva Marcille’s ex-boyfriend.

Kevin McCall, who shares a daughter with “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, posted on Instagram Tuesday his plans for getting the famed Instagram comedienne to notice him.

eva marcille
Kevin McCall. (Photo: @thekevinmccall/Instagram)

“The face imma make when I sang @jesshilarious_official Out them Vickies 💦😉 she aint ready tho,” the rapper/actor captioned the now deleted July 30 photo.

Several fans gassed up McCall for shooting his shot.

“@jesshilarious_official it’s not a game sus ball is in your court 😬👀🖤”

“Sing her into a ring💖 I would love to see you both happy the right way💙”

“U better snach him jess lol….hes a whole MEAL N SOMEEEE😍😍😍👅👅”

But others were not on board with the potential romance.

“@jesshilarious_official Sis I know you better than this! N—a ain’t even verified but he certified crazy. Please seek help sir.”

“Jessssssss, I know yew bettaaaa!”

“You lost me.”

The post even garnered a reaction from Jess herself, who put the star’s government name on blast, writing, “KEVIN LAMAR MCCALL!!!!”

eva marcille

It’s not clear whether that means things are a go for the two, but if they were to move ahead with the romance it would be McCall’s first major relationship with a fellow celeb since he and Marcille called things off in 2015.

Before then, however, the pair welcomed daughter Marley Rae together. Yet McCall’s relationship with his daughter and ex came into question once the actor apparently disowned his little girl. At issue? Marcille’s now-husband taking in Marley as his own.

Since then, the actor has not had very positive things to say about Marcille’s man, attorney Michael Sterling. As recently as March, McCall openly shared his problem with Marley calling Sterling daddy. This despite Marcille previously saying on “RHOA” that the Atlanta-based lawyer is “the only dad that Marley knows.”

In response to seeing footage of Marley calling her stepdad “daddy” on the reality show, McCall posted a screenshot of a Google search result of who Marley’s dad is. McCall is who popped up in the results.

“Imma just sit this right here,” McCall said in a tweet. “No debate necessary. Yal gone be ok.”

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