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Kevin McCall Apparently Disowning His Daughter Over This

Eva Marcille

Kevin McCall and Eva Marcille broke up in 2015. (Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

If Eva Marcille hoped to successfully co-parent with ex-boyfriend Kevin McCall, all hopes of that have seemingly been dashed with his irate Instagram posts.

On Instagram earlier this week, McCall seemed to take issue with Marcille after she posted a photo of Sterling and McCall’s three-year-old daughter. In now-deleted posts, McCall slammed the “America’s Next Top Model” winner.

eva marcille

(Talks and Thoughts Instagram)

He took issue with Marcille’s supposed practice of witchcraft, which he did not approve of for their daughter.

eva marcille

(Talks and Thoughts Instagram)

McCall declared he’d scrub all photos of Marley Rae from his IG account.

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“If you want her so bad, you can have her,” he wrote of giving up on seeing his 3-year-old child. “I’m deleting all memories of her. I’m not about to play any more games or participate in society’s joke of a child program,” he said. “[You’re] dead to me.”

eva marcille

(Talks and Thoughts Instagram)

eva marcille

(Talks and Thoughts Instagram)

When the photos made the rounds on social media, folks swiftly slammed him.

eve marcille eve marcille eve marcille

In response, McCall put the blame on Marcille, claiming she was still pinning for him — regardless of her new relationship.

“The only issue is her wanting to see me and since I don’t want her, she won’t let me see my kid,” he said in part.

eve marcille

But Marcille isn’t alone in her co-parenting drama.

Singer Tyrese famously called out his ex-wife Norma Mitchell Gibson on Instagram in September, implying she was dragging him through a custody battle because he moved on and married Samantha Lee.

“All I wanna do is co/parent [and] nothing else,” he wrote in a lengthy post. “Norma, I know you can see this. I’m sorry I got re-married, I’m sorry we didn’t work out, I’m sorry you haven’t been able to find another man since we separated…… Sometimes you get married and have kids and things just don’t work out, but I have NEVER wished harm on you……. I was hoping by now you got over what we used to be.”

After crying that he hadn’t seen his 10-year-old daughter, Shayla, in months, a judge ultimately granted the exes 50-50 custody.

For Marcille’s part, she has not engaged in a back-and-forth with McCall. In a Wednesday, Nov. 29 IG post, the former CoverGirl indicated that she was keeping the peace on her side.

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