Jess Hilarious and Kountry Wayne Reconcile and Move In Together, Brush Off Finger-Wagging Critics Who Complain

Despite the drama surrounding their romance, Instagram comedians Jess Hilarious and Kountry Wayne appear to be an item again, and they’re taking their relationship to the next level by moving in together.

But the move is not being celebrated by fans.

Kountry and Jess had been going strong earlier this year, but their relationship fizzled on Valentine’s Day when the former was caught on a Snapchat photo on the sofa of his estranged wife, Gena Colley, who is the mother of some of his nine children.

After that, Jess removed all celebratory Valentine’s Day posts about her man from her Instagram page, said he’d been “cut off,” and posted a photo reading “Wit Da Quickness…”

“And just like that, you cut off…NO TIES but thanks for the house & all the NEW FURNITURE MOTHAF*** pics coming soon,” she added in the caption, remaining thankful for Kountry apparently buying her a new home and furniture.

That same day, Kourtney took to Instagram to explain he was at Colley’s home seeing his kids. Affirming both his ex-wife and Jess are doing well for themselves. Colley slid into the comments section of The Shade Room to accuse her ex of trying ride Jess’ coattails, since she apparently landed a Netflix special, which has not been confirmed.

A couple of days later, Jess dropped her version of Blueface’s “Thotiana.”

“Pipe down baby mama. See I love ’em and f–k ’em and send them back to the drama,” she rapped before adding, “Mad at me because you got demoted from wife to baby momma.”

But the anger and breakup didn’t last long.

By the time the weekend rolled around, Jess confirmed she and Kountry were once again an item. A fan asked if she’d take Kountry back and she replied, “already did 😏❤ that’s my babe… you know my hot tempered ass jumps out there sometimes without thinking 🤦🏽‍♀️ but we good.”

Keeping that drama in mind, fans were not too pleased when they discovered Kountry’s Instagram Story Tuesday, Feb. 26 appeared to show that he and Jess had moved into the home he bought for her in New York.

“I want you to do more in your house,” Jess tells Kountry, who is off camera. “You don’t do enough, you got this thing with money. You want to pay everybody to do everything.”

Kountry explained he worked hard to get to where he is and Jess agreed, “So did I, and I busted up my freaking ankle moving into our house–”

“Your ankle was busted up before you moved, though,” Kountry says, which results in laughter from the couple.

But fans who caught the video were not laughing.

“I’m not here for this… But I aint nobody.”

“I don’t care what the situation may be. I’ll never settle for another woman husband. If you want me get a divorce first.”

“@jesshilarious_official you disgusting af for that.”

“@jesshilarious_official So your proud of committing adultery. Ok. You lose them how you get them.”

While the critics have weighed in, some have said they’re happy for the comical pair. That led one person to question the hypocritical response to Jess and Kountry’s relationship compared to model Jordyn Woods sleeping with Khloé Kardashian’s boyfriend and father of her child, Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson.

Jess was unbothered, however, affirming she and Kountry are in love.

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