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‘Keep This Look’: Fans Beg Keyshia Ka’Oir to Wear More Subtle Looks and Stay Away From Her Gaudier Styles

Keyshia Ka’Oir fans are completely enamored by her recent toned-down fashions and style.

The Ka’Oir Cosmetics owner, who’s the proud wife of rapper Gucci Mane, is infamous for her distinctive fashion taste and over-the-top hairstyles, but lately fans have noticed the celeb has been opting for less daring looks, like black hair instead of orange.

Sunday afternoon, the 34-year-old took to Instagram and posted a video of herself sporting a more sophisticated guise. She wore a Chanel blue and white striped dress, white slides, a vintage belt and transparent aviator glasses. Ditching her usual vibrant and garish hairstyles, she sported a black sleek ponytail and went with a natural makeup look, including a nude lipstick.

Keyshia Ka’Oir. @keyshiakaoir/Instagram

One video showed Ka’Oir panning the camera over her get-up and the other displayed her and Gucci driving in style. She captioned her post, “💙 Mrs Davis!!!” and received more than 113, 000 likes.

“Keep this look you are a whole wifeyiana!! 😍 lovin the hair and dress btw.”

“I’m feeling this dress and hair. I love when you keep it simple ❤️ u don’t need all that extra.”

“Mrs. Davis looking like teenager! u so naturally beautiful. Love the subtle look.”

“Keep this style and stylist. Very chique and sofiscated 🌹.”

Despite how people feel about Ka’Oir’s subtle or over-the-top appearances, she personally takes pride in being aberrant when it comes to her overall style. As a matter of fact, Ka’Oir Cosmetics was one of the first makeup brands to sell sundry lipsticks shades other than the normal reds and pinks people were used to.

Keyshia Ka'Oir
Keyshia Ka’Oir and Gucci Mane. (Photo: @keyshiakaoir/Instagram)

“My friends were all like, you can’t wear blue lipstick because people will make fun of you,” she told The Cut in February 2018 during an interview. “I ignored them, because I’m always a unique person and I want to be over the edge.”

She continued, “No one knew my name [before dating Gucci Mane], no one knew who I was, but everyone wanted to be the girl with the mohawk and the blue lipstick.”

As for her and husband Gucci Mane, they recently lit up Las Vegas, Nevada, last month for the rapper’s performance at Drais Nightclub and Beachclub on Cromwell Rooftop. The “Icy” artist performed classics like “Wasted,” “Freak Gurl,” “I Get the Bag” and a few others. He also brought his wife Ka’Oir out on stage with him and livened up the audience.
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