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Future’s Bodyguard Won’t Press Charges Against the Man Who Assaulted Him

It looks like the guy who assaulted Future‘s bodyguard in Ibiza, Spain, last week will avoid legal trouble. Because neither the bodyguard, Future or any of the witnesses have come forward to press charges.

The assault happened on July 22 when the rapper landed at Ibiza Airport, and it was all captured on video. At one point, you can see a man in black hit the bodyguard from behind, who then dropped to the ground.

Reports state that about 10 men approached Future for a photo after he landed and then got upset when he turned them down. That’s when the assault took place, and a rock was said to be used as a weapon. The men also allegedly hurled racial slurs at Future and his team.

“The Wizrd” rapper addressed the assault afterward and explained what happened. Future also told people to leave him out of it because he didn’t see what happened.

He made that statement after a lot of people accused him of not helping his bodyguard and walking away. But Future said the men doctored the video to make it look like he witnessed the assault when he actually didn’t.

According to TMZ, the Civil Guard of Spain already knows about the attack and video, but an investigation won’t be launched until someone comes forward to give their account.

The authorities will even look into the assault if someone who isn’t connected to it comes forward, like a passerby who witnessed it. But the same doesn’t apply in Spain if a woman or child is assaulted, which Future’s bodyguard is neither.

In that case, a report doesn’t have to be filed in order for the police to act.

The bodyguard has no plans to press charges, so it appears his assailant will get off with zero consequences.

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