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‘I’m Not a Witness to Anything’: Future Speaks Out After He’s Accused of Turning His Back on KO’d Bodyguard in Spain

Future recently responded to a video of his bodyguard being knocked out at an airport in Ibiza, Spain. Because at first the rapper was accused of walking away and not offering any help.

The incident happened on Monday after Future’s plane had just landed. TMZ reports that 10 guys came up to him and asked for a photo, which he declined due to being tired.

But the men, who are reportedly from the U.K., became upset and started throwing racial slurs at the rapper. And that’s when his bodyguard stepped in to help.

The bodyguard then roughed up a few of the photo seekers, and at some point someone hit him from behind with a rock. He fell to the ground after that, and Future can be seen walking away.

“Future’s guy is out,” said the man who threw the punch. “Future’s bodyguard, he’s sleeping.”

But the “Mask Off” writer said the video was edited, and he really didn’t walk away, which was confirmed by a TMZ insider. In fact, the source said Future was angry and wanted to join the fight, but his team pulled him away to avoid legal problems.

It’s been said that his handlers were thinking about A$AP Rocky, who’s been locked up in Sweden for three weeks after having a fight in that country. And they didn’t want Future to suffer the same consequences.

“Basically these fake goons ask to suck my d–k for a picture. I toldem Nooooo,” wrote Future Monday on social media. “Apparently they get angry and do sum sucker sh– … I left the airport, they edit the video they filmed and sent it to blogs. Real real tuf guys. What they did to security I didn’t see period. I’m not a witness to anything. Leave me out anything have to do with this incident.”

But people still blasted Future on Instagram and said he should’ve done something to help.

“What a clown left his man hanging,” one person wrote.

“I just wanna know why u left your bodyguard for dead?” wrote another.

At this point, the bodyguard is said to be doing fine, and there’s no word about the attackers being arrested or police getting involved.

The video of the bodyguard being attacked is shown in the TMZ link above.

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