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‘Busted!’: Fans Not Buying Fabolous’ Response of Not Cheating on Girlfriend Emily B. After Dining with Another Woman

It looks like rapper Fabolous is calling BS on recent reports that claim he and off-and-on girlfriend Emily B have called it quits.

Thursday afternoon, TMZ reported the “Can’t Let You Go” rapper and Emily were officially over after he was photographed having lunch with a mystery woman at a Mexican restaurant somewhere in New Jersey last week. The media outlet’s sources also claimed Fab and his longtime girlfriend have been broken up for nearly a year and the rapper was just “in denial.”

Fabolous and Emily B attend the soft opening at Roc N Sole on August 20, 2014, in New York City. (Photo: Shareif Ziyadat/FilmMagic)

Well, Fab took to social media to address the breakup rumors with Emily and said it was complete malarkey.

“I never said I split up from Emily Bustamante!!! We are a couple working on our relationship that @tmz story & blogs are LIES,” he said via Instagram Friday morning. “I LOVE EMILY. SHE IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE . … @TMZ ran a fake unconfirmed story. And all the blogs have picked it up to try or embarrass us.”

Fabolous denies cheating on Emily B. @myfabolouslife/Instagram

The 41-year-old hip-hop artist also claimed he wasn’t on a date but was having a lunch meeting with a teacher. He also threatened to get his lawyers involved to sue the news site for defamation, claiming the supposed cheating and breakup rumors were impugning his character and hurting his family.

“These blogs are making fake stories & breaking up families,” he continued. “Complicating people’s lives for a story!! For some clicks.
@tmztv_ ran a baseless story with no confirmations from me or @emilyb_ I LOVE EMILY B. ❤️.”

Fabolous denies cheating on Emily B. @myfabolouslife/Instagram

A mass of fans don’t buy Fabolous’ response and claim he’s just trying to save face. Others jumped to his defense.

“Busted! It ain’t fun when the rabbit has the gun!!! She’s sick of him!! He a little toooooooo late, she prolly GONE GONE. Now he wants to proclaim his love for her 😏🤔.”

“Lmaoooo either his PR wrote this or her cause ain’t no way.. We all know u was on a date Fab. U been cheating on Emily.”

“@myfabolous they try humiliate you and your family . Humiliation brings businnes so they target you. Fuk tmz 😤.”

“Family First. Much respect OG 💯. Anyone that really knows u knows ur real character behind all the social media lies.”

As for Emily, she hasn’t directly addressed the matter, but she did share a post to her Instagram Friday, reading, “This often offends people when I say this but I don’t care. My mental health is a priority over any friendship or relationship.”

Emily posts after Fabolous scandal. @emilyb_

It’s no secret Fabolous and Emily have dealt with relationship woes in the past.

In March 2018, the Harlem rapper was accused and charged with physically assaulting the 38-year-mother of his two children during a heated confrontation. Shortly afterward, the pair were spotted back together and apparently worked things out.

Fab was indicted for domestic violence for the incident in October, but struck a plea deal in March to avoid jail time.

The pair share two sons, Jonas Jackson, 4, and Johan Jackson, 11.

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