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Fabolous Reportedly Takes Plea to Avoid Jail in Domestic Case Involving Emily B

Fabolous won’t have to serve any jail time in his 2018 domestic violence case involving the mother of his children, Emily B.

TMZ reports the Brooklyn rapper has agreed to a pretrial intervention program, usually given to first-time offenders, and if he stays out of trouble for a year while completing the program his charge will be expunged. According to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, the 41-year-old pleaded guilty to one count of harassment in the deal.

Fabolous accepts plea deal in Emily B assault case.

Fabolous and Emily B share a blended family of their two young sons together, Jonas Jackson, 3, and Johan Jackson, 11, as well as Emily B’s daughter from a prior relationship, Taina Williams. (Photo: Instagram)

Initially, Fabolous was charged with one count of domestic violence with significant bodily injury, 2 counts of threatening to kill, plus, one count of possession of a weapon, and he could’ve been sentenced to 20 years if convicted on all charges.

Also as part of the deal, he’ll have to give monthly status updates to the court but won’t have to attend either therapy or anger management classes.

The trouble began for the “Breathe” rapper earlier last year when New Jersey police said he knocked out Emily’s front teeth after punching her seven times. He turned himself into authorities on March 28, 2018.

It was also said that Emily was scared because Fabolous had two guns in their house at the time, so she called her father to help remove them. But once her dad arrived, he and the rapper got into it as well.

A bit after Fabolous turned himself in, a video surfaced that showed him angrily lunging towards the mother of his children and threatening her father with a pair of scissors. But everyone settled their differences shortly after, and Emily’s dad was even willing to testify on Fab’s behalf.

Plus, it seemed Emily and Fab patched things up a short time after the argument, because she was quickly posting Instagram photos with him.

The couple — who are rumored to be married — have two children together, Jonas and Johan Jackson, ages 3 and 11, respectively.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t seem like Fab has taken much of a hit on his public image after the initial charges came down, and he didn’t receive much backlash either — outside of Amanda Seales calling him out when people began supporting him.

“If you are ignoring, negotiating, or rationalizing BLATANT abusive behaviors you need to take a SERIOUS look at yourself and your character,” she wrote in April 2018. “I’m just not with the sh–s. “What did she do?” “We don’t know the whole story” “Let no man judge another”.

“NAH, B. This is bigger than Fab,” added the “Insecure” actress. “This is about a culture of blaming victims and protecting the guilty when we like their music, or think they’re funny, or go to their fights bcuz folks we really don’t wanna check ourselves.”

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