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Footage of Confrontation Between Fabolous and Girlfriend Emily B Adds Fuel to Claim of Domestic Abuse

TMZ has obtained footage of rapper Fabolous flying into a complete rage against longtime girlfriend Emily B and her father, all while carrying what appears to be a sharp object and hurling threats at the them.

The video, shot Wednesday in the driveway of Fab and Emily B’s New Jersey home, shows the rapper’s bodyguard attempting to hold him back as he shouts at his girlfriend and her father, who was visiting the home. Emily shrieks as Fab lunges at her. He angrily asks why her father is at their home in the first place, to which Emily’s dad shouts back, “That’s my motherf—–g daughter!”

A child is also heard screaming in the background.

The disturbing footage comes amid claims from Emily that Fab knocked out two of her teeth on March 7, TMZ reported. In the clip, Emily is seen trying to film her boyfriend’s violent behavior, which seemed to enrage him even more.

The incident is what prompted authorities to respond to the home that day. According to TMZ, Fab later turned himself in and was charged with aggravated assault and making a terrorist threat. Emily told cops she sent a relative to their home to remove two firearms she feared Fab would use on her when he got home, according to the celebrity news site.

The shocking video has garnered tons of reactions on social media.

Fab’s lawyer, Alberto Ebanks, has spoken out in the wake of the incident.

“This is only an argument,” Ebanks told TMZ. “There certainly is no crime being committed. If what you see in the video were a crime, we’d have to build more jails.”

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