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‘He Looks Like Riley’s Twin’: Kandi Burruss’ Son Grabs Fans’ Eye Even When He’s in ‘Where’s Waldo’ Costume

Even though he’s in costume, Kandi Burruss’ son still looks a lot like his older sister, according to the star’s fans.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star’s son, whom she shares with husband Todd Tucker, posed for a photo wearing a “Where’s Waldo?” hat and glasses.

kandi burruss
Ace Wells Tucker in a “Where’s Waldo” costume. (Photo: @acewellstucker/Instagram)

The pic was snapped as part of a new DreamWorks animated series about the well-known British book series, which is airing on Universal Kids. It appears little Ace got a promotional costume to wear.

“He looks like Riley. To Adorable.”

“Adorable!! He resembles Riley in this pic to me.”

“He looks just like Riley. So cute.”

“😍Too precious looking like @rileyburruss.”

“He really looks like Riley in these pictures ❤️❤️”

This is not the first time Instagram users have marveled over how much 3-year-old Ace resembles his 16-year-old big sis.

Back in September, a photo Burruss shared of her posing with Ace at an event made fans instantly remark about Ace being Riley’s much younger twin.

“Omg… it’s a mini Riley😍😍”

“Gosh he looks like Riley’s twin 🤩🤩”

“Wow! He is such a cutie, and looks just like Riley!😍”

“Wow he looks like Riley”

But young Ace has also been likened to another member of the family.

It seems the Burruss side of the family has strong genes, as fans have also said the preschooler looks like his mama, too. Last month, a throwback photo Burruss posted to Instagram of when she was a baby made fans reflect on the way Ace looks like his celebrity mom did as an infant.

“Ace is your spitting image.”

“Oh I see Ace in these photos! Soooo adorable.”

“You’re son looks like your twin Kandi.”

And the family resemblance continues even past Burruss. A photo the star uploaded of her late brother in honor of his birthday in October 2018 had her followers believing Ace took on his uncle’s face.

“Ace is his twin. RIH Patrick! Happy birthday library twin!”

“Ace looks like your brother 😍too.”

“Your little boy is so like him.”

“This is what ur son will look like when he reaches his uncle’s age. Continue to RIH.”

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