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‘Ace Is Your Spitting Image’: Kandi Burrus’ Throwback Pic Has Fans Marveling Over Her Resemblance to Son Ace

In recognition of Throwback Thursday, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss shared a slideshow from a fan page that collected many of her childhood photos.

But although the focus of the video was her, the reality star’s fans couldn’t help but remark on the fact that her son Ace looks a lot like she did as a baby.

“What would you tell your younger self if you could go back in time? …TBT,” Burruss captioned the June 14 video from Kandi Burruss Fan Page. It was soundtracked to New Edition’s “Candy Girl.”

Several fans weighed in on the singer’s prompt.

“Learn how to find your inner peace.”


“Your journey is different from others and give yourself time.”

But others decided to state that baby Burruss looks like 3-year-old Ace Wells Tucker, whom the “RHOA” star shares with husband Todd Tucker.

“You’re son looks like your twin Kandi.”

“Oh I see Ace in these photos! Soooo adorable.”

“Ace is your spitting image.”

While the majority of fans in the comments section focused on how much Burruss’ youngest child resembles her, the star has also appeared to look so much like older daughter Riley Burruss that fans mistook the mom for her 16-year-old.

Back in March, Burruss accompanied her husband to a talk he was giving at Clark Atlanta University. The spouses struck a pose on the campus and many of the singer’s followers thought it was a photo op with stepdad and stepdaughter rather than husband and wife.

“Your daughter looks so much like you! I thought this was Riley!😊”

“@kandi i thought you was @rileyburruss 😳 y’all look sooooo much alike! 🤗😘”

“Omg you and your daughter is definitely twins. I had to take a second look. Lol @kandi.”

When she’s not striking a pose with her man or family, Burruss is doing one of the things she does best: grinding with work. The star recently shared that she’s part of a film focusing on an important subject matter to her, which is mental health.

“My friend @datariturner gave me the opportunity to be a part of a film he produced called #SameDifference,” she wrote on Instagram Wednesday. “This film tackles a very important subject matter. Mental Health. Im happy to be apart of it. Same Difference premieres this Friday at the @americanblackfilmfestival. Thank you to the incredible cast and crew who cared enough about bringing awareness to this subject matter to want to shed more light on it.”

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