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Wow! Kandi Burrus’ Children Ace Tucker and Riley Burrus Look Just alike

Kandi Burruss’ children Ace Tucker and Riley Burruss are practically twins and fans can’t stop fawning over them. Burruss shared a photo Sunday on Instagram of her and her toddler. Her caption read, “My little man @acewellstucker! ♠️♠️♠️ Thanks @playswaggg_ for the cute outfit for Ace!”

Kandi Burruss

Fans quickly fled to her comment section adoring how much Ace looks like his big sister Riley.

“Looks just like Riley”

“Wow he looks like Riley”

“He looks like you and Riley. She looks like you, so, those ARE your kids! 😍”

One fan didn’t think that Kandi was in the picture at all at first glance.

“Damn @kandi your daughter looks so much like you I actually thought this was a pic of your two kids lmfao then I had to be like wait no that’s Kandi not the kids 🙌🏼 you look like your ass is going backwards and getting younger !!! You look amazing girl …..”

This isn’t the first time people have drawn a comparison between Burruss and her children. On Sunday, “The Real Housewife of Atlanta” star shared a photo with her daughter at the “Pretty Girls Sweat Event.” Fans were raving in the comment section about how much the mommy-daughter duo look alike. One fan said, “Keep up the good work Riley!!!! Thats your twin Kandi.”


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