‘Try Again, Sis’: Evelyn Lozada’s Response to O.G. and Jennifer Williams Mocking Her Tumble in the Bushes Falls Flat

A teaser for the upcoming episode of “Basketball Wives” saw Evelyn Lozada taking a tumble as the cast trip to San Diego, California, rages on.

Noticing the preview, O.G. and Jennifer Williams decided to poke fun at the spill online. But when Lozada hit back, her response didn’t land among fans.

The tumble came after a confrontation between Lozada and Williams, whose tensions come to a head during the excursion. Lozada tossed a drink at her former friend, who then retaliated by doing the same.

“You stupid b—h!” Lozada shouts in the preview below. Once O.G. comes in to pull her away, the two walk down a hill and Lozada, walking backward, falls down into the greenery along the way.

“As basketball wives, we’re supposed to be a sisterhood,” Williams tearfully says in the scene that the clip cuts to. “I don’t feel a sisterhood right now.”

Reacting to the preview, Williams tweeted Thursday, “What episode are the bushes being served for dinner??? #basketballwives.”

“FACE DOWN ASS UP..😂😂 #BBWLA” O.G. said in response.

Lozada caught wind of the exchange between the two, who had watched “Basketball Wives” together at O.G.’s viewing party a day earlier.

“Like your man #Bloop,” the former “Livin’ Lozada” star wrote back, taking aim at O.G.’s boyfriend Kwame Alexander.

But Lozada’s clapback was not one that worked for fans. In fact, many came after her for remaining single.

“But you don’t have a man and can’t keep one ? 🤦🏾‍♀️”

“@evelynlozada and where is yours???”

“@evelynlozada Where’s your man? Didn’t your last one try to holla at your daughter first before you swooped in? Don’t play.”

“@evelynlozada try again sis, this fell flat. You like to come for people’s family and relationships but if they talk about your daughter now, you start spinning like fool.”

“Now when OG go for her neck I don’t need anyone of them acting surprised 😂”

“@evelynlozada you mad af😂😂”

Lozada’s drama with O.G. stems from her contentious relationship with Williams. Having already had a problem with her onetime friend proclaiming Lozada’s daughter was a latchkey kid despite Lozada being present as Shaunice grew up, Lozada more recently mentioned her problem with the way Williams has been behaving of late.

“You keep saying that the reason you act like this is because of your mom,” Lozada said to Williams. “Honestly, Jennifer, this is disrespectful to your mother.”

After Williams exclaimed that Lozada’s mother hasn’t passed, the latter fired off, “Your mother passes away and you become an a–hole?”


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