‘She’s Wrong’: Fans Waste No Time Siding With Jennifer Williams in Spat With Evelyn Lozada

The final moments of “Basketball Wives” on Wednesday saw Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada having a tension-filled faceoff with each other. As a result, many fans wound up siding with Williams.

What was meant to be a healing session between the cast put on by Jackie Christie went left. That began when Lozada took issue with the way Williams had been behaving with everyone.

“You keep saying that the reason you act like this is because of your mom,” Lozada says at around the 2:05 mark. “Honestly, Jennifer, this is disrespectful to your mother.”

Williams said she’s not going to engage in a conversation about her mother’s December 2015 death, which led Lozada to demand her not to bring it up.

“Has your mother died? You can say how you’re gonna be, though!” Williams shouts.

“Your mother passes away and you become an a–hole?” Lozada hits back.

The show cuts to a confessional scene where Williams says Lozada’s remark is “beyond low,” but at the crystal party, the star sat in tears.

“I’ve never tried to blame anything on losing my mother,” she says. “But you go through a lot of emotions and you might be sad one day, you might be angry. And trust me, that s— has really affected me.”

But before Williams could barely finish her thoughts, Lozada had literally shut the door on her and walked out of the party. In a confessional, Lozada said her former friend wanted to “have this pity party” about her mother dying of cancer.

“I understand that, I respect that, but that’s not what we’re f–king talking about. And as far as I’m concerned I don’t have nothing to say. Bye!” Lozada says.

On Twitter, Williams took aim at the former “Livin’ Lozada” star.

“Funny how you don’t want no one talking about your family but it’s ok for you to do it!!! FOH #basketballwives,” she said in one post.

jennifer williams

In another, Williams wrote, “A pity party???! Yeah leave… ✌🏽#basketballwives.”

jennifer williams

She added, “A zebra doesn’t change their stripes… good night!” And before totally signing off, she retweeted a fan who said, “I still remember the things she said about you before you left the show a few years ago. She was really jealous and nasty towards you.”

jennifer williams

Meanwhile, Lozada has remained silent on the matter as fans have taken up for Williams.

“I’m team Jenn all the way. after all the shit Evelyn has said about her ?!! listen , she talks about my dead mother it’s a f—king wrap. Yeah don’t speak about the children but the dead is ok ?!! On a list of priorities the dead take precedence period ! We don’t play with the dead around here it’s baaaad juju.”

“I love Evelyn but she’s wrong smfh.”

“Evelyn need her teeth knocked down her throat i understand what she was saying about taking accountability but hello dont mention her deceased mother…….had that been anybody else this scene would have played out different period……..”

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