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A$AP Rocky Remains Jailed in Sweden After Prosecutors Persuade Judge to Hold Him

A$AP Rocky, along with two people from his entourage, will remain behind bars in Sweden after a judge in the Swedish capital of Stockholm granted prosecutors’ request to keep the rapper and his associates in pretrial detention until July 25, when the investigation into their case is supposed to be complete. But it seems prosecutors aren’t sure whether they’ll indict him, because they issued two press releases with different information.

The first press release said Rocky will be indicted and he needs to stay in jail while investigators continue to look at the case.

Then, in a second press release, the part about Rocky being indicted was removed, and prosecutors said they want to keep him locked up until Thursday so they could further investigate. Both the prosecution and judge consider Rocky a flight risk.

The “L$D” rhymer was arrested on July 3 after getting into a fight in Sweden with two men. In initial footage, Rocky is seen dragging one of the men to the ground and hitting him.

In a second piece of footage that Rocky released on his own, it shows the men being the aggressors and striking the rapper’s bodyguard. It also shows Rocky trying to play peacemaker.

His lawyer, Slobodan Jovicic, has already spoken to TMZ about the judge’s decision and said it’s wrong to consider the rapper a flight risk because he’s famous, needs to tour and being an international fugitive would ruin his career.

Jovicic also said because there’s footage of Rocky trying to walk away from the fight and it was just a brawl, he should get off with only probation.

A lot has happened since the 30-year-old was arrested. A report indicated that he was being jailed in inhumane conditions, which the Sweden’s ambassador to the United States, Karin Olofsdotter, pushed back on in a recent TMZ interview.

Many have also demanded the A$AP Mob member to be freed, including the Congressional Black Caucus, who held a press conference about his arrest earlier this week. They believe the decision to keep Rocky jailed is because he’s Black.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got involved as well, and Kardashian reportedly phoned President Donald Trump‘s son-in-law Jared Kushner about the New York rapper, who then relayed the information to Trump.

On Thursday, the reality star sent a tweet and confirmed that she reached out to Kushner. And she’s been meeting with Trump over the last several months to talk about criminal justice reform, and she’s gotten some inmates released as well.

A number of rappers have also been vocal about Rocky’s arrest and said they’d no longer play in Sweden, people like The Game, Schoolboy Q and Tyler the Creator. Plus, other artists like Quavo and Sheck Wes talked about the mistreatment they received while in Sweden.

Rocky and the two men from his crew are facing crimes of abuse, assault and attempted assault, and they’ll appear in court again on July 25. 

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