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Lauren London Reportedly Files For Guardianship of 2-Year-Old Son as He’s Set to Inherit $1 Million from Nipsey Hussle’s Estate

Lauren London said that Kross Asghedom, the 2-year-old son she had with Nipsey Hussle, stands to inherit a substantial amount of money from his late father’s estate. So she’s taken the necessary legal action to make sure the money is handled properly.

The Blast reports that London filed papers to establish guardianship, because he’ll inherit a seven figure amount and wrote “[Asghedom is] anticipated to inherit approximately one million dollars at the close of Nipsey Hussle’s estate.”

London also said she wants to establish guardianship out of her son’s “best interests” since she’s his caretaker. Plus, she wants to be involved in all legal concerns involving Hussle’s estate.

A while back, the late rapper’s brother Blacc Sam said that he’ll be the administrator of the estate and close out some of the business deals that were on the table before his brother was murdered.

It’s been nearly four months since Hussle was shot and killed in front of his Marathon Clothing Store in Los Angeles, which sparked mourning all over the world. A man named Eric Holder was arrested on April 2, just two days after and accused of being the gunman.

Reportedly, the two men had a dispute before the shooting and Hussle accused Holder of snitching, which caused him to act.

Besides Kross, Hussle also had a daughter, Emani Asghedom, with his ex Tanisha Foster and is now being taken care of by Hussle’s sister Samantha Smith.

Smith and Hussle’s family told the court they’ve been a solid presence in Emani Asghedom’s life, and Foster wasn’t fit to parent.

London, meanwhile, hasn’t addressed the inheritance and her rep asked people not to pry.

“This is a private matter and Lauren has not and will not make any statements,” the rep stated.  “We asked that everyone respect their need for privacy. Thank you.”

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