‘Pissed Off’: Nipsey Hussle’s Sister Retains Custody of His Daughter as Mother Leaves Courtroom Visibly Upset

A decision has been made that Nipsey’s Hussle‘s sister Samantha Smith will still retain custody of the late rapper’s 10-year-old daughter Emani Asghedom. The ruling came down on Monday in a Los Angeles court during a closed hearing.

Smith appeared in court last week as well, as did Asghedom’s biological mother Tanisha Foster, to see whom the child would reside with.

Asghedom was living with Hussle and his girlfriend Lauren London before Hussle was killed in March. At Monday’s hearing Foster admitted that last week was the first time she had seen her daughter in months.

Hussle’s family believes that Foster isn’t fit to properly take care of Asghedom and wants to make sure she remains in a stable environment and close to the rapper’s side of the family.

At this time, Foster’s attorney Larry Lewellyn said a visitation schedule is being worked out, and the next hearing is set for July.

A visibly upset Foster, who said she was “pissed off,” was seen leaving the court after the decision was made.

Plus, one day before the hearing, news surfaced that a warrant has been issued for Foster’s arrest, because she missed a May 15 court date related to a DUI charge that she received in Los Angeles two years ago.

At the time of that conviction, Foster pleaded no contest and was put on three years’ probation, which was revoked once she missed the court date.

In 2007 she was also arrested for vandalism and disturbing the peace. She was busted in 2006 for resisting arrest as well.

Hussle was shot and killed on March 31 in front of his Marathon Clothing Store in South Los Angeles. Besides Asghedom, he also has a 2-year old son with London named Kross Asghedom.

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