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Angela Simmons’ Swimsuit Pic Presents ‘What We Need’: ‘Natural Bodies Matter’

Growing Up Hip Hop” star Angela Simmons shared a few images of her curvy “mom bod” and received a big round of applause from her fans.

The “Built Not Bought” creator advocates for women to feel confident with their bodies no matter their size and shape. Simmons herself used to suffer from body image issues, but it seems those days are far behind her.

She took to her Instagram page Monday afternoon and posted an image of herself and her 2-year-old son Sutton Joseph at Costa Hollywood Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida. The toddler appeared to be playing with his toys in the pool while Simmons posed for a semi-sexy photo in her blue curve-showing swimsuit.

Angela Simmons
Angela Simmons. @angelasimmons/Instagram

“Mom mode is always on,” the 31-year-old mother wrote via Instagram. “Naturally me !! Curvy ! #BNB #builtnotbought.”

Fans clearly agreed with her caption post and ogled her shapely figure.

“Yasss queen u look so beautiful! Natural bodies matter 🔥💯❗ #sexymom.”

“I was just gone say mom body tight lolz know u cutting up fr 💥👌🏽 Thick thighs save lives.”

“Yes to natural bodies 👏 this is what we need now days. I’m tired of these plastic surgery as bodies. U look good mama ❤️😯#realdiva.”

“I have to put my eyes back in my head now. Thicker than chicken gumbo. Gym definitely paid off 🌹😍🔥👌.”

Although the “GUHH” star put her killer curves on display this week for her followers to see, she used to have trouble with doing so.

During her teenage years while starring on MTV’s “Run’s House” “I had body issues,” she explained on “The Breakfast Club” in June 2018. “Growing up, I was concerned that I was fat. I was like, ‘I just feel fat.’ I always had that conversation. I would cry about it. And I would feel like everyone around me was smaller. I just didn’t get it.”

Angela Simmons
Angela Simmons. (Photo: @angelasimmons/ Instagram)

Simmons went on to say that once she moved to Los Angeles at 18 or 19, she discovered she was “in control” of her body. She learned to change her mindset and began working out.

She currently directs a health and fitness program called “BNB,” which stands for “Built Not Bought.” It was created to help women achieve the mindset that they desire along with their fitness goals.

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