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Angela Simmons Celebrates Her Curves After Having Body Image Issues Growing Up

Although Angela Simmons currently has a figure many might envy, the “Growing Up Hip Hop” star says that wasn’t always the case as she dealt with low body confidence as a teen on “Run’s House.”

“Growing up, honestly speaking, when I was younger, I grew up kind of thicker. They were always small and I always felt like, ‘I’m big,’” she Simmons explained on “The Breakfast Club” Monday, June 25 alongside siblings Jojo and Angela Simmons. “I didn’t embrace my curves because I was so young. I kind of had a little journal I would write in and I would always be like, ‘I think I look like this.’ And I had a little diagram and I would draw this big person and then…  draw the person I want to be, skinny. And it was like, I had body issues. Growing up, I was concerned that I was fat. I was like, ‘I just feel fat.’ I always had that conversation. I would cry about it. And I would feel like everyone around me was smaller. I just didn’t get it.”

Simmons went on to say that once she moved to Los Angeles at 18 or 19, she discovered she was “in control” of her body.

“If you don’t like something, you can just change it by working out,” she says of her changed mindset. “And I met a trainer out there, Mike T, and I worked out day in, day out, to the point where I got super small. My mom was like, ‘You need to eat!’ And then I just learned how to figure it out. Just work out, eat right, you’re good. But I definitely grew up with body image issues.”

Today, Simmons, who is a mom to son Sutton Joseph, embraces her curves and flaunts her toned body and intense workouts on Instagram.

Most recently, Simmons posted a high cut swimsuit photo on Instagram that put her assets firmly on display. And fans loved what they saw.

“You are my inspiration. That body is right. I need you to help me get my body like that LOL”

“Wow, still GOT that look. You go girlll.”

“Hot DAMN! 👀 😍 🔥 😅.”

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