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Report: Wendy Williams Removed All Signs of Ex Kevin Hunter on the Set of Show: ‘Completely Gutted’

Wendy Williams has made it clear that she’s ready for a brand new start after splitting from her ex Kevin Hunter in April.

On the personal side of things, Williams has secured a new singles pad in Manhattan after the breakup and has seemed to hit the social scene a lot more. The 54-year-old also revealed that she’s dating a doctor.

And professionally, after she fired Hunter as executive producer of “The Wendy Williams Show” in April, she reportedly cleaned out his office space to remove any sign of him. The office was then given to four audience coordinators to use.

“[Staffers] removed any trace of Kevin,” Page Six reported, citing an unnamed source. “It’s been completely gutted.”

The insider also said although Hunter wasn’t liked onset, he shielded Williams from much of the day-to-day hassles and questions from staff, which isn’t the case now. And that change has made things a lot more hectic for everyone.

“People didn’t like Kevin because he controlled access to Wendy,” relayed the source. “And now that he’s not there it’s chaotic in that people can walk up to Wendy now, and before you couldn’t.”

As reported, Williams served Hunter with divorce papers while onset after he was accused of fathering a child with his alleged mistress Sharina Hudson. He’s yet to say anything about the rumored lovechild but admitted wrongdoing back in April.

“I am not proud of my recent actions and take full accountability and apologize to my wife, my family and her amazing fans,” he said. “I am going through a time of self-reflection and am trying to right some wrongs. No matter what the outcome is or what the future holds, we are still the Hunter Family.”

Williams has yet to mention anything about gutting her ex’s office space.

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