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Wendy Williams Returns to Show After Hiatus, Reveals She’s Dating Someone New: ‘It’s Not Who You Think’

When Wendy Williams was seen spending time with 27-year-old Marc Tomblin last month, it might’ve looked like they were in a relationship. But on Monday’s episode of “The Wendy Williams Show,” the 54-year-old said that wasn’t the case at all, mainly because she needs someone closer to her own age.

On top of that, Williams said there’s a new man in her life, and she revealed his profession. All of this comes about three months after she served her ex Kevin Hunter with divorce papers.

“I’m not on the market anymore. I’m not in love but there’s somebody that I’m crazy about,” said Williams with tears in her eyes.

She then brought up Tomblin.

“It’s not who you think,” Williams told the audience. “Mother doesn’t deal with children, but it just so happens that I guess with my charm and wit I attract people of all ages.”

“Here’s me and Marc running around town,” she continued while a photo of her and Tomblin appeared in the background. “You all thinking I’m messing around with a 27-year-old? Twenty-seven-year-old boys quite frankly do find me attractive. I get it. But when it comes time for the comfort of a man, I need somebody in his 50s too. And he’s gotta work. It helps that he’s a doctor.”

Williams then stopped herself and said “I am not gonna say one more word. You’re not gonna blow this for me.”

Hunter, meanwhile, has been relatively quiet since the split. He was accused of fathering a lovechild with his rumored 10-year mistress Sharina Hudson, which Williams acknowledged in a recent interview.

And in regards to her new doctor boyfriend, people seemed extremely happy about it.

“Really hope this relationship works out for her, she deserves it so much,” one person wrote on YouTube.

“I’m so happy that you are so happy, ” another person stated. “Keep your chin up. You have clean hands and a great heart! LOVE , PEACE , & HAPPINESS!”

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