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‘Now That’s Who You Look Like’: Reginae Carter’s Throwback Photo of Her Dad Lil Wayne and Grandmother Has Fans Seeing Double

The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree for “T.I. and Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle” actress Reginae Carter.

The daughter of one of hip-hop’s icons, Lil Wayne and reality TV star Toya Wright, is often told that she is her mother’s twin. However, after Reginae posted a throwback picture of her father and grandmother, Jacida Carter, on Wednesday, June 10, fans now believe she takes after her grandmother. Reginae pulled an old article clipping showcasing her father and his mother from Source magazine. She put a simple “❤️” for her caption.
Lil Wayne and his mother, Jacida Carter (Photo: @colormenae Instagram Page)

“Your twin!! ❤️,” one fan said. 

“Wow, you look just like Cita.” 

“You look just like your gma🙃.” 

“Now that’s who you look like… Cita👀👀👀.” 

“How many generations has that smile traveled lol” one fan joked. 

“Left Nae Nae with Ms.Cita🙌🏾❤️.” 

While the majority ruled that Carter favored her grandmother, some fans still felt that she was her dad’s ultimate twin. 

“Your whole face. I really don’t know why people call you and Toya twins.😭😭They be forgetting Wayne real face.” 

“You have his nose and his smile❤️” 

“Ya daddies twin!!” 

“All this time I really thought you were your mom’s twin, but this picture I seen you are your dad twin.” 

While whom Carter favors most in her family is the topic of discussion, the “Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta” actress has been making fans out of many with her style. Her recent fashionable ensemble at the 2019 Essence Festival in New Orleans won praise from her followers. The 20-year-old stepped out in a lime green top, gray snakeskin suit and matching lime green pumps. Needless to say, fans were impressed.

“Gorgeous Dawlin Absolutely Beautiful 🌟 🚀 😍🔥🔥🔥👏.”

“Always slaying 😍🙌🏾.”

“That outfit is 🔥🔥.”

“ Looking Good Ms. Nae @colormenae I love the green on u.”

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